ICAR-CIAE scientists develop touch-free handwash system

Two scientists of Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (ICAR-CIAE), regional centre in Coimbatore, have developed a touch-free handwash system to be used in crowded areas to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
ICAR-CIAE scientists develop touch-free handwash system


“Other existing hand wash systems have to be either hand-operated or should be pedalled. It was then we felt the need for a fully automatic touchfree handwash system to avoid people contracting the infection through surface touching. Thus, the prototype of the instrument has been developed after research of 15 days,” said T Senthil Kumar, principal scientist, ICAR-CIAE.
The touch-free hand wash system is suitable to be fixed in hospitals, offices, malls, markets, railway station and industries and in any crowd gathering places to encourage people towards hand-washing. It works on a simple mechanism and water wastage can be reduced significantly due to the presence of sensors.
Explaining the working of the system, the scientist said that when hands are near the sensor, it triggers discharge of five ml of liquid soap through the dispenser. Also, 100 ml of water will come through another sensor-based outlet to wash off the soap.
“Both the quantum of discharge of liquid soap and water could be regulated in the system. It can be powered by AC current and has provisions for battery use. The battery can be charged through solar panel and once charged, it will sustain for up to one day,” he added.
In another remarkable contribution, the two scientists have also developed a portable touch-free hand sanitiser unit to be used in houses. “It can be either wall-mounted or placed on a table to dispense the sanitiser without touching the unit. This one, too, works on sensors and is cost-effective,” said Syed Imran, another scientist.
The ICAR has approved both the products in combating the spread of COVID-19. “We will now pass on the technology by identifying potential manufacturers to whom license will be issued for production,” said Senthil Kumar.

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