Conquer your fears through science: Stalin

DMK president MK Stalin on Wednesday released an awareness video on coronavirus in which he appealed to people to conquer fear of the virus through science. Stalin also advised his cadre to extend assistance to affected people in their areas.
Conquer your fears through science: Stalin
DMK president MK Stalin


In the two-minute video posted on his official Twitter handle, Stalin said the people should rid their fears about Coronavirus, which could be conquered through science. “Coronavirus, which has been spreading world over, has now hit Tamil Nadu too. I would like to present some views in this time of emergency,” the DMK president who is also Leader of Opposition said.

Citing a couplet of Tiruvalluvar on disease control, he said, “It is necessary for the people and country to face the pandemic together,” before appealing to visit the nearest doctor if they have fever, sore throat, lack of appetite, stomach ache or fatigue.

“It is being described as a bio-war against an invisible enemy. World has won many sorrows. Likewise, we shall win this too. So, we shall prevent first. Let us rid our fears about Corona and win through science,” Stalin said, exhorting cadre to take a vow to create a disease-free life and clean society.

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