RS Bharathi apologises to media and Dalits over disparaging remarks

DMK organising secretary RS Bharathi on Monday expressed regret for his disparaging remarks against media persons and Dalits during a talk held at DMK youth wing headquarters ‘Anbagam’ recently.
RS Bharathi apologises to media and Dalits over disparaging remarks
DMK organising secretary RS Bharathi


Bharathi has waded into a controversy by comparing TV media houses and journalists to those in “Mumbai red light area” alleging money was their primary concern. The Chennai Press Club strongly criticised the senior DMK leader’s remarks and demanded an apology from him. In a video that went viral on Monday, the DMK Rajya MP is heard questioning why the media had made a matter of debate, the DMK employing political strategist Prashant Kishore and purportedly questions the rationale behind it discussingparty chief MK Stalin and his family’s visits to religious places.Also at the meeting, Bharathi described the party’s Dalit empowerment initiative, especially appointment of Dalit candidates as High Court judges during Karunanidhi’s tenure as ‘alms’ given by the Dravidian movement.

Attributing the success of the state to Dravidian movement, Bharathi said, “If Tamil Nadu remains the best state in the country, it is because of the Dravidian movement. No Harijan (derogatory reference to scheduled castes) has become a judge of the High Court in Madhya Pradesh. After Karunanidhi became chief minister A Varadarajan was appointed as HC judge. Seven or eight others from Adi Dravidar community went on to become judges after that. It is the alms given by the Dravidian Movement,” Bharathi added.

His comment triggered an outrage on social media with liberal and right-wing constituencies slamming the DMK Rajya Sabha MP for his ‘alms’ and ‘Harijan’ remark targeting the Dalits.

While enraged liberal minded people called out the casteist bluff of the DMK organising secretary, right leaning and Tamil nationalist Twitterati used it to project the Dravidian party as being anti-Dalits.

Quick to realise the damage, Bharathi posted a message expressing regret over his remark about Dalits. “I learnt that a few statements made by me at the meeting of Kalaignar Reader’s Circle at Anbagam on February 14 had hurt scheduled caste people. I express regret for that.”

Bharathi, who was silent for most part of the day, met reporters later in the evening and expressed regret also over his disparaging remarks about the media. “My leader told me that it was inappropriate. I too realised it. Hence, I express regret over the remark made against media,” the DMK organising secretary said.

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