Outfit threatens ‘revenge’ via Telegram against TN Q branch for IS crackdown

The Tamil Nadu police are probing into a Telegram app post in which the ‘Al Hind Brigade’ has threatened to exact revenge against the TN and Delhi police for the recent crackdown on IS modules.
Outfit threatens ‘revenge’ via Telegram against TN Q branch for IS crackdown
The letter on the Telegram app


The post has an image of a latter written in Tamil which has been placed in the centre and this is surrounded by sophisticated guns and grenades placed. The letter reads: “To the dogs of Delhi special cell and Q branch, we are watching you and shall respond soon. Keep waiting.”

The post appeared a couple of weeks after the Delhi police arrested TN IS module head Khaja Moideen along with his associates in Delhi on January 9. A day earlier, the Tamil Nadu police Q branch had apprehended three men belonging to Bengaluru IS module. When contacted, a senior state police officer said that various teams are working on it and are trying to identify the people behind the post. “It was written in Tamil and it naturally indicates the possibility of a Tamil speaking group behind the threat. The group may not be from Tamil Nadu but it can be from anywhere around the globe. But one thing is definite, the group believes in the IS ideology,” a source noted.

Police sources also noted that the continuous crackdown against IS modules in south India seems to have irked many groups and their anger, frustrations are being manifested through some posts.

A few of the IS suspects arrested by the Tamil Nadu Q branch from Bengaluru were part of Al Hind Trust, a frontal organisation for IS militants.

However, not many have heard of the Al hind Brigade, except when it claimed responsibility for killing Kamalesh Tiwari, a pro Hindu activist in Uttar Pradesh three months ago. Intelligence apparatus believe that the Brigade was also involved in facilitating travel for many IS sympathisers from across the globe to Syria to fight a ‘holy war’ to create the Islamic Caliphate sincethe year 2014-15.

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