NGO volunteers open school for 36 gypsy children in Vellore

Members of the Abdul Kalam Youth Brigade were appreciated when the grama sabha meeting on 26 January at Perumugai village passed a resolution thanking the group for strengthening the bunds of the village pond at a cost of Rs 32, 000.
NGO volunteers open school for 36 gypsy children in Vellore
Abdul Kalam Youth Brigade volunteers teach children of ‘naarikuruva’ community at Karigiri in Katpadi, Vellore


The volunteers who came together for a cause helps people on various social issues. Recently, they provided a makeshift school for 36 children belonging to ‘naarikuruva’ community at Karigiri in Katpadi, in a bid to provide the kids elementary education so that the next generation of the gypsy community is not labelled as illiterates.

The members would often upload images and videos of their activities on social media which helped them garner a lot of support from many sources. The group were also approached to get rid of street dog menace. a few locals approached them regarding street dog menace.

According to Dinesh Saravanan, a Chennai-based software engineer, one of the members of the Abdul Kalam Youth Brigade, said that the first request came when they were donating free saplings to households at Sathuvachari, wherein the locals requested them to oust the stray dogs, as they were creating problems to the residents.

Speaking on how they combated the issue, Saravanana said,“They asked whether we could do something to control the stray dog menace which was affecting children and elderly, many of whom sustained injuries after they slipped and fell into gutters when chased by the dogs.”

He added, “After repeated requests to civic officials, the corporation staff arrived and caught five stray dogs, which were released into the nearby forest land.”

Similarly, when the Kalam brigade group provided 600 kilos organic manure and 150 saplings to farmers in the Narayanapuram area near Pootuthakku in Ranipet district, they were requested by the farmers to transfer the dogs to another place, as they posed a threat to them. “We plan to meet their needs shortly,” Saravanan added.

Vellore youngsters who accompany him on his works said that were happy that many encouraged them after seeing their services. One of the volunteers provided food for nearly 30 needy people.

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