TN child policy raises flag over PUBG, TikTok addiction

The Tamil Nadu State Child Policy 2020, that was unveiled on Monday, raises serious concerns on children getting addicted to social media and games like PUBG, Blue Whale and Tik Tok and also demands the government’s intervention to safeguard kids from such evils of the tech world.
TN child policy raises flag over PUBG, TikTok addiction


“Children become addicted to online games like PUBG, Blue Whale, TikTok thereby compromising their mental health. In such cases parental supervision is absolutely necessary and the State government should continue to create regulatory and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that digital space is not misused,” the report stated.

The Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights report also raises various challenges faced by children due to technology, climatic change and speaks of the necessity of early intervention required for children.

The report also stated, “Debates about the benefits and dangers of social media for children are becoming familiar and more action to protect children from bullying and exposure to harmful content is certainly needed”.

It highlighted children coming across various websites on a daily basis which can be easily duped by misinformation. “The impact of misinformation is pernicious and has real-world impacts that could be misled by misinformation that can be spread through social media and mobile messaging apps,” the report read. Various political parties have been demanding that the State government ban PUBG and TikTok.

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