10-yr-old develops app to monitor kids’ health

Considering the rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases among children, 10-year-old C B Sajan from the city has developed a mobile phone application to raise awareness of the adverse effects of a sedentary life and to encourage them to lead a healthy life.
10-yr-old develops app to monitor kids’ health


The mobile app, Health Check, aims to encourage children to be physically active, eat healthy, and keep a track of their health.

Sajan, noticing that some his age are grappling with obesity, lethargy and diseases, realised that those health apps already available are not specifically focused on children’s health and well-being. With the 10-year-old learning coding through online platform WhiteHat Jr, he put his learning to use to develop an app to solve the lifestyle problem. With Health Check, Sajan aims to encourage both-the parents and the children-to be more health conscious.

Sajan said that the health app would help to keep a track on the fitness and normal activities of children and encourage them to engage more in physical exercise. With them found to be spending more time indoors, various health concerns have led to obesity and them suffering from other issues. The app would hence restrict mobile phone usage and prompt the children to have a balanced meal instead of junk food.

With the app being supported via the WhiteHat Jr platform, Karan Bajaj, the founder of the online coding platform, said that children seek to contribute to addressing issues in the society in their own way. “Kids as young as six years can start to learn coding to prepare them for the future and like Sajan, we are already seeing many kids creating some extremely creative, high utility digital applications that will have a long-term impact on the world,” Karan said.

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