Marriage at Chidambaram temple 1,000-pillar mandapam draws ire

Devotees of Chidambaram Natarajar Temple were shocked on Friday to see the sacred 1,000-pillar mandapam being turned akin to a wedding hall for the marriage function of families of industrialists running a cracker unit in Sivakasi and a Chennai shop involved in consumer durables.
Marriage at Chidambaram temple 1,000-pillar mandapam draws ire
Workers atop the golden dome of Chidambaram Natarajar temple to decorate it for a marriage on Friday


The temple was once controlled by the HR&CE and after a Supreme Court ruling, it was transferred to the Podhu Deekshithar Committee.  “The holy mandapam has been sold by the Deekshidars merely for ‘money.’ They had received a huge sum from the business peoples’ families. This sacred mandapam have been turned into a commercial place like a wedding hall where everyone attended it on Friday with their footwear,” Hindu Temples Protection Committee president M Senguttuvan told DT Next.

Senguttuvan, who was one of the key persons to approach the court to transfer the administration to the Deekshidhar said, even the Porkoorai (Golden roof) which was even restricted for the Deekshidhars, except during the temple consecration was allowed to be decorated with flowers. “The workers probably seemed to be drunk and thus they have desecrated the temple and the temple administration have to pay for it,” he stressed.

No one would be allowed with foot wears. “But today, the sanctity of the temple had gone and we will never keep silent until, proper action has been initiated,” added Senguttuvan.
permission granted for wedding
PMK founder S Ramadoss, on Friday, condemned the temple management of Chidambaram Natarajar temple for giving permission to conduct marriage in a grandiose manner in the 1,000-pillar mandapam of the temple. “The hall in Chidambaram Natarajar Temple is a sacred spot where only select functions related to temple would be held. But, for the first time by overcoming tradition, a marriage was conducted which has disturbed the chastity of the temple,” said Ramadoss, in a statement, who also questioned whether the temple management is trying to commercialise the space. The marriage function was held in a grand manner by making elaborate arrangements in the temple and the arrangements had irked the devotees. “It is a clear case of violation of temple rules and it shows that money has won over the tradition and purity of the temple. The marriage is also a classic example for mismanagement and shows that the temple is in wrong hands,” said Ramadoss, who also demanded the government to take over the administration of the temple. He further said that though the temple management has given explanation that the arrangements were made for the Natyanjali function there are proof that the arrangements were made by the industrialists. So the government should initiate inquiry on the temple management for giving permission to conduct the marriage.

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