Dhinakaran resorts to inclusive strategy in naming office-bearers

In the past one month, AMMK leader TTV Dhinakaran had announced a new set of office-bearers for the fledgling party. Dhinakaran, in order to wipe out the AMMK tag of being dominated by Thevar community, has chosen functionaries from all castes, giving equal representation in the party.
Dhinakaran resorts to inclusive strategy in naming office-bearers
TTV Dhinakaran


Dhinakaran, who has lost several functionaries mostly from his Thevar community and other castes, has again given prominence for the dominant caste representing the region.

According to AMMK insiders, Dhinakaran, who is aware of the caste equation and the regional caste dynamics, has carefully handpicked influential members for the top posts like district secretaries and state functionaries.

The deputies and other headquarters posts are given to the next dominant caste pertaining to a region. In simple terms, Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi party units will be handled by prominent functionaries belonging to the Nadar community. In Madurai west and Sivagangai, Yadava community workers are given preference. In pockets of Ramanathapuram, Paramakudi and Thenkasi Dalits have been chosen for the top district posts. In the delta region, the preference is for Mukkulathor community comprising Agamudayar, Kallar and Maravar.

In tier-one cities, including capital Chennai, the loyalty of functionaries had out shadowed the caste equations. The AMMK which had released six sets of announcements related to the party posts had also rewarded the party old-timers. In Chennai region, the AMMK had retained all the district secretaries. With the AMMK gearing up for the registration as a national party with the Election Commission, the posts are filled. The next level of filling posts for zones and ward-level functionaries will commence soon and the party is gearing up for the much-awaited November civic polls.

Justifying the regional caste-based appointments for party posts, a former AIADMK MLA explained that it is easy to control the cadre by appointing powerful district secretaries belonging to the dominant community in that region. “For example, if you take Nilgiris, Badugas are the majority and any political party in Nilgiris will have more aspirants from the dominant Baduga community for the district-level posts. This formula is common for TN political parties,” he added.

When contacted Sukumar Babu, AMMK south Chennai district secretary, for comments on the appointments based on caste equations, Babu denied that the posts are filled on caste equations. “The AMMK is a party beyond caste and religion. Our party has members from all communities, and this is a cadre-driven party comprising all sub-sects. Further our leader had already explained that there can be only one district secretary in a region and that does not mean others are not important or their caste not given preference, Babu opined.

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