‘Popular’ AMMK candidates may play spoilsport for others

The AMMK candidates in Tiruchy, Thanjavur and Perambalur are expected to play spoilsport for both the AIADMK and the DMK fronts in their respective segments as they have proven election track record with fine tuned strategies and are well known to the people than the opposing candidates.
‘Popular’ AMMK candidates may play spoilsport for others


The AMMK has fielded ex-mayor Sarubala R Thondaiman for Tiruchy, ex-MLA M Rajasekar in Perambalur and PRIST University chairman P Murugesan for the Thanjavur segment.
Thus, these three Parliamentary segments would certainly face a three corner fight and the AMMK candidates’ votes may pose a threat to the candidates of other fronts equally. 
For instance, Sarubala is well known among the people of Tiruchy City which has Tiruchy West, Tiruchy East, Tiruverumbur and Srirangam Assembly segments and her experience as the Mayor has made her popular among the voters. 
This apart, two segments Pudukkottai and Gandharvakottai from Pudukkottai district has also come into Tiruchy seat, which was once the royal kingdom of Thondaiman to which Sarubala belongs to. 
She is equally popular in Pudukkottai and that would pose a threat to the possible Congress candidate Su Thirunavukkarasar, who wants to play with the caste card in these two segments. Since the DMDK candidate Dr V Ilangovan is seen as an outsider, he may be affected. 
Sarubala has secured 2.94 lakh votes in 2009 election when she had contested as Congress candidate in DMK alliance and got 51,537 in 2014 election when the Congress faced the general elections without any alliance. 
Local political observers claim that Sarubala would split the Congress votes in Pudukkottai, Gandharvakottai and Tiruveumbur where the ‘Kallar’ community to which both Sarubala and Thirunavukkarasar belong to, while, she may secure decent share of votes from the other assembly segments especially in the city. 
In Perambalur, ex-MLA M Rajasekar’s candidature may deal a blow to AIADMK candidate NR Sivapathi as both belong to the dominant Muthariyar community in the segment. 
Since Rajasekar is known for his active campaigning, Sivapathi may face a tough rival in Rajasekar. Both the candidates have started campaigning with a caste card and outsider remark for IJK candidate Pari Vendhar Pachamuthu. 
Thus, the AMMK candidate may give a tough time to both Sivapathi and Pachamuthu. Similarly in Thanjavur, AMMK has fielded PRIST University chairman Murugesan, who is very popular among the voters. He is believed to split votes of the AIADMK and DMK. He has already started meeting party cadre and covered Thanjavur, Orathanadu, Mannargudi and other constituencies to gather support from the party cadre. 

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