Face recognition attendance implemented in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu government introduced face reader attendance system in a school here in the city for the first time in the country on Monday. Also, authorities have planned to implement it in other institutions in a phased manner.
Face recognition attendance implemented in Tamil Nadu
KA Sengottaiyan School Education Minister inaugurated the new attendance system


The face recognition reader’s attendance system scans and identifies the unique face id of the students using the shape of eyes, jaw, relative position of facial points.
According to a senior official from Education Department, the authorities felt that the new attendance register system was better than fingerprint devices, which could cause infections among the users especially students.
The official pointed out that, “Earlier, the government had planned to install biometric attendance system in all the schools. The system was installed in more than 100 schools in the state during the phase-1 programme. However, it was felt that face reader attendance will be more accurate and will be useful for students in many ways.”
Stating that the new device will not only help the attendance system transparent but also streamline it, the official noted that unlike finger recognition device, the new system will be useful for the users especially when their hands are wet during rainy season.
Explaining about the new attendance procedure, the official said that once the teacher reaches the class room, the attendance will be marked through a mobile app. “Immediately, the app will recognise student’s facial and it will not only show the total number of students were present, but also update in a computer server.”
The official added that the software in the attendance device, which will be attached to the main server system, was also capable to maintain leave management, permission and holidays, integration and reports. “This new technology is quite advanced where false identification will be totally reduced,” he claimed.
As School Education Minister K A Sengottaiyan inaugurated the new attendance system in a government girls higher secondary school in Ashok Nagar, the new system will also be implemented in other schools in a phased manner.
“The newly launched student attendance through face reading was being implemented for the first time in India. It exists in countries like US and Japan. 
The system will help in quick attendance of students and save time,” the minister said Accordingly, government order on the system will be soon issued to extend the project to other schools across the state. “A tender will be floated to select a company for the supply of the machines,” he added.
Face Reader
  • AI-based software captures the images of the students and stores it as database
  • The system stores the image by mapping it into a face coordinate structure
  • The system recognises the students and marks their attendance along with the time
  • Secured communication between server and mobile
  • Access in less than one second through the facial recognition system
  • Attendance details will be sent to HM of the school

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