Weekend fest celebrates love of learning with school kids

Chennai-based educational enterprise Warhorse, that works with school children to improve communication and essential life skills, has now come up with a unique initiative: the vibe of a music concert, but instead replace the music with experiences.
Weekend fest celebrates love of learning with school kids
A workshop organised by the group earlier in Chennai


Titled the ‘Learning Festival’, the two-weekend fest will host workshops, discussions, talks, experience zones and more, aimed at celebrating the community and the love of learning.

With experts in fields such as design thinking, fitness, parenting, acting and communication, the fest promises interesting dialogue in several fields. Relevant topics have been picked, such as ‘Should crime be reported on social media?’, ‘A dialogue on consent’ in the wake of the #MeToo phenomenon, a documentary screening, etc.

Says organiser and curator of the event, V Vishal, “The entire fest is conceptualised around the idea of learning and knowledge. We have well-renowned experts in all these industries coming in to handle workshops, that will give a fresh perspective on these issues. This will certainly appeal to people between the age groups of 20 to 35, though the event is open to all.”

Design consultants, fitness trainers, authors and improv artists are just some of the many people who will be present. The Warhorse team will also pitch in with their own opinions, that they have built an audience on. The experience zones and entertainment add to the fest’s USP, which is already creating a buzz in campus circles. The venue will be Backyard in Adyar on 15, 16, 22 and 23 of December.

“Some of the other themes deliberated upon will be: Understanding our biases and prejudices, Philosophy of ethics using pop culture, Understand the different kinds of logical fallacies in our everyday lives, and Warhorse’s popular Stable Talks, a secret talk on a secret topic,” he concludes.

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