‘Power star’ Srinivasan returns after going missing for 2 days

Two days after his wife filed a complaint claiming that actor ‘power star’ Srinivasan has gone missing, he returned home in Anna Nagar on Sunday.
‘Power star’ Srinivasan returns after going missing for 2 days
‘Power star’ Srinivasan


The actor had taken huge loans from people and the family was afraid that they were behind his disappearance after Srinivasan did not return after leaving home around 8 pm on Thursday. He also did not answer or return any of their calls. Accordingly, they approached the Anna Nagar police on Friday.

They told the police that some unidentified people had contacted the actor’s wife, demanding the property be transferred to their name. Accordingly, the police began to investigate if the actor was kidnapped. During their investigation, the police discovered that Srinivasan was in Ooty where the family owns a property. After he was traced to Ooty, Srinivasan’s wife went there while he returned to Chennai, claimed the police.

Interestingly, the actor has been involved with a few cheating cases, the police said.

Last year, the Economics Offences Wing of the Delhi police arrested Srinivasan on charges of duping a Delhi-based businessman of Rs 10 crore by promising to help him get a loan of Rs 1,000 crore.

He is also wanted by the Bengaluru police for duping a businessman and his brother ofRs 90 lakh after promising to help them get a loan of Rs 30 crore.

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