BJP, PMK defaming VCK, says Thirumavalavan

VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan on Sunday condemned leaders of the BJP and the PMK for spreading lies and hatred about the party with the intention of disturbing the political relationship of the VCK.
BJP, PMK defaming VCK, says Thirumavalavan


“PMK leader S Ramadoss and BJP national secretary H Raja are repeatedly spreading lies about the VCK that a youth, who stood in front of Ambedkar portrait and abused other castes belong to the party. If they continue to spread hatred, cases will be filed against them,” said Thirumavalavan.

Recently, a video of a youth standing in front of Ambedkar portrait and shouting slogans abusing different castes was shared on social media. The video was widely criticised on social media and politicians linked the speech of the youth with the VCK.

However, after careful investigation it was found that the youth does not belong to the VCK. “The youth belongs to another Dalit party, but he was repeatedly linked with the VCK despite his identity was revealed. They wanted to sow the seeds of discontent,” said Thirumavalavan.

He also said that the main reason for politicians repeatedly abusing the VCK is to disturb its political ties. “The PMK and the BJP leaders want VCK out of DMK alliance by spreading lies and hatred,” he said.

‘Weed out Sanathana Dharma’

He criticised the BJP government for following the policy of Sanathana Dharma and said that it should be weeded out. “Sanathana Dharma is more dangerous than corruption and liquor. People have acquired sufficient awareness to fight against corruption and liquor menace but there is no proper awareness about the harmful nature of Sanathana Dharma,” he added.

He also said that Sanathana Dharma which does not give any due respect to democracy is dangerous to Indian Constitution.

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