Safety awareness session for fishermen

A community interaction programme for fishermen in parts of Ramanathapuram District was organised by the Indian Coast Guard on Saturday. The programme that was held in the premises of Mandapam Coast Guard Station aimed at spreading awareness on firshermen’s safety.
Safety awareness session for fishermen
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During the session, the fishermen were asked to carry lifesaving equipment like life jackets, lifebuoys, first aid box and fire extinguishers as a precautionary measure.
“While fishing using mechanized boats, fishermen should have the permit tokens, that the Fisheries Department provide, with them. All boats should have a valid registration numbers and possess original biometric cards,” Premjit added.
“Most of the boats are equipped with VHF marine communication system. Through this system the fishermen can tune in to channel-16, and inform the nearest Coast Guard station/ District Headquarters/ Coastal Security Group stations (marine police) of any emergency. FM Radio devices are also essential as weather warnings are often announced,” he explained.
The Deputy Commandant further stated that the Coast Guard personnel also insisted on equipping boats with ‘Distress Alert Transponders’.  With the transponders a fisherman can seek help in case of fire or medical emergency.
Fishermen, who are in distress, can contact – 1554 for help.

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