No politics in visiting Kalam's house: Kamal Haasan

Actor Kamal Haasan said there was "no politics" involved in his visit to the late APJ Abdul Kalam's residence, or his proposed one to a school, which did not fructify as the administration denied him the permission, where the former president had studied.
No politics in visiting Kalam's house: Kamal Haasan
Haasan visited the House of Kalam and sought blessings of the former president's elder brother, Mohammed Meeran Lebbai Maraikayer, before the actor launches his political party later today.
However, he could not visit the school where Kalam studied as the district administration denied him permission saying the event was "political" in nature.
Haasan seemed unperturbed by the denial of the permission to visit the school, saying "nobody can stop me from learning." 
He hailed  Kalam for his patriotism and other qualities, "Kalam is an important person for me...I was attracted by his patriotism and aspirations.. There is no politics in the visit to his house," he told a press conference here.
"There was no politics in the school visit also. They can stop me from going to school but not from learning."
Referring to the lyrics of a song from one of his films, Haasan said he was prepared to learn if he had to do so "by breaking barriers".
Asked what difference he saw between his avatars as an actor and that as a politician, he said the former has a bit of "barter system" in it.
"Cinema is a medium to connect with people and so is politics.
But there is more responsibility as a politician. It was like barter system-there (in cinema) - their (people's) money for my talent. But there is no such thing here (in politics)," he said.
On being hailed by his fans and supporters as as 'Nammavar' (our man) ahead of his political plunge, Haasan said it amounts to people "owning me up as their man."
Haasan has starred in a film titled 'Nammavar.'
He said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu spoke to him last night and advised him to prepare a list of public welfare initiatives rather than spelling out policies.
The veteran actor said he had lived in the hearts of fans but now wanted to live in people's homes in his new role.
To a question on why he did not take part in Kalam's funeral, Haasan said it was because of his "faith".
The actor is all set to launch his political party in Madurai later today. 

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