Spotted deer rescued from Nellai ATM centre

Though spotted deer can be spotted from time to time in the vegetation around Rani Anna College for Women at Palayapettai, in Tirunelveli, the locals could not believe their eyes when they found a frightened one inside an ATM, on Thursday morning.
Spotted deer rescued from Nellai ATM centre
Fire and Rescue Department personnel with the rescued spotted deer at Tirunelveli


Equally surprised were the Fire and Rescue department personnel who received a call from the residents to rescue a deer from an ATM. Curiosity took over them and they rushed to the ATM and found the small animal cowering in a corner. 
The minute, the animal saw the men, it tried to jump and escape. But the fire personnel tied the legs of the deer and handed it over to the officials of Forest Department. 
Fire and rescue officials explained that Palayapettai has a number of livestock farms and Seemai karuve lam is abundant here. Generally, spotted deer is common in the area. “Also, as many indulge in midnight hunting here, the animal could have been chased by hunter dogs. Fearing for life, the deer could have strayed into the ATM,” said the officials.
Another explanation given by them is that the rural areas of Tirunelveli such as Thalayuthu, Gangaikondan have large number of deer and they go to the nearby villages in search of water. The situation could have been the same on Thursday morning too. The deer could have gone in search of water and might have been chased by hunter dogs.
As deer population is high in the area, they can be spotted along highways too. They even try to cross the national highways and are often hit by speeding vehicles. So, the state government had notified the formation of Gangaikondan spotted deer sanctuary with the intention to save the animals which are often attacked by poachers and dogs used for hunting.

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