Dumping of crab shells raises a stink in Pamban

Hygiene takes a beating in the fishing hamlets in Pamban region. Dumped outer shells of crabs by export companies raise a stink on the roads.
Dumping of crab shells raises a stink in Pamban
People hold their nose, as they walk on the roads in the fishing hamlets in Pamban


Fishermen of Pamban region claim that company vehicles arrive at midnight and throw the wastes in polythene covers and speed away. As the area is windy, the covers get torn and the crab shells spill on the roads. 
As they are strewn all over, there is a danger of diseases spreading in our hamlets, add the fishermen. 
Ramesh, a fisherman from Tharavaithoppu hamlet in Pamban, said the shells stink and people are forced to hold their nose when they walk on the road. Another serious problem faced by the locals, is worms. These creatures grow on the shells and attract flies, which are transmitters of diseases. “We want the officials to clean the shells and take steps to stop the crab export companies from dumping wastes near our hamlets,” demanded Ramesh. 
Intense fishing activities take place on Pamban island in Ramanathapuram district and five crab exporting companies thrive in the region. The export companies remove the inner flesh from the crabs and discard the outer shells on the road side, with scant regard to hygiene.

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