Usury complaints up in Tiruchy

With the issues of usurers hotting up across the state, the Monday grievances meet across the districts received several petitions seeking action against the usurers. In Tiruchy alone, the district collector received six petitions.
Usury complaints up in Tiruchy
Police personnel checking the bags of visitors at the Kancheepuram Collectorate on Monday


One such petitioner V Elizabeth Rani, said, “My husband Victor had bought about five lakhs loan from a M C T Bala in 2013. But, he died after a month. Heartlessly, the moneylender had taken my ATM card and had taken a sum of Rs 15, 000, which is the pension money given for my deceased husband. Again Bala has been taking a sum of Rs 8,000 from my son’s salary till 2015 for the loan my husband had taken. 
After my husband’s death, Bala has been collecting loan amount through a private agent named Ravi.” 
She added that despite making a complaint to the Airport police station about the excessive interest and also about money lender refusing to return the ATM card, house original documents and bank books, no action were taken against the perpetrators. Similarly, another petitioner named S Malarkodi has stated that she had taken Rs 10,000 from a money lender named Maruthavalli. 
Since the petitioner had failed to return the money on time, Maruthavalli had asked herto repay three lakhs with interest. Following this, she had taken the petitioners house into possession in place of the loan amount. Despite lodging complaints with the Ponmalai police, no action was taken. Malarkodi submitted a petition to collector K Rajamani seeking immediate action. The collector sought the explanations from the concerned police officials.
Strict vigil over petitioners at Tirunelveli 
After four of a family set themselves ablaze, on last Monday, due to menace of usury inside the Tirunelveli Collectorate, police have stepped up their vigil in all the collectorates in the Southern districts. The petitioners are now allowed only after a thorough check.  
Monday is the day of petition and people in all the southern districts would visit the Collectorate to submit petitions to district collectors. Police personnel were seen checking the bags of the petitioners to confirm that they did not carry any fuel. 
At the Tirunelveli Collectorate, the police have permanently closed nine entry points  leading to the Collectorate. A concrete wall is being constructed in place of the gates. Only the main entrance and the gate leading to sub-jail are presently open for the public to enter the Collectorate.

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