25 cases of vehicle theft reported at Tiruchy railway station

Vehicle thefts are on the rise in the Tiruchy railway station of late. It is reportedly said that so far, nearly 25 complaints of vehicle missing have been registered at the Cantonment police station and among them, 10 belonged to the railway employees.
25 cases of vehicle theft reported at Tiruchy railway station
The parking lot from where two wheelers reportedly went missing at Tiruchy railway station


The vehicle parking area of junction railway station was upgraded by the railway authorities from ordinary parking to premier parking slot and the fee was increased from Rs 5 to Rs 10 for ordinary parking and and Rs 10 to Rs 20 for covered parking. 
However, facilities were not improved in the parking areas and commuters and rail users associations had raised concern. Commuters, come to the station to see off their relatives, used to park the vehicles at a distance and the railway employees used the extreme sides of the railway station. But, it proved to be a costly decision for the public as within a few months over 25 two wheelers went missing from the railway premises. 
Of these, 10 two-wheelers belonged to the railway staff. Recently, those who had lost vehicles lodged a complaint with the Cantonment police. “We lodged a complaint and were given receipts. But no effort was taken to search our missing vehicles,” said Pugalendi, a railway staff. 
“Vehicles of many of my colleagues went missing within two months and we are still waiting for a proper response from the police and railway administration,” said Pugalendi. Meanwhile, the tender tenure for the two-wheeler parking adjacent to the existing covered parking area got over a couple of days ago and the railway authorities have made the spot available for free parking at ‘owners’ risk’ and this move has compounded the problems. The commuters have requested for free parking lots in the railway station premises with proper security arrangements such as CCTV cameras, fencing and good roof. 
The Cantonment police have intensified the patrolling around the railway station. They have also deputed police personnel who along with the RPF would be involved in patrolling the premises. The police have also suggested to install CCTV cameras around the parking slots.

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