Plea to construct more open prisons in TN

A petition to construct more open prisons in Tamil Nadu has been filed at Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. The court, on Wednesday, directed the Secretary of Home Department and Prisons Department to file reply for the petition.
Plea to construct more open prisons in TN
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Petitioner, Raja of Madurai, in his PIL, stated that in Tamil Nadu there are nine central prisons and several sub-jails. In the prisons, there are 4,996 convicted prisoners and 9,156 accused in various cases on whom investigation is pending.
In India, a total of 1,332 open prisons are present but in Tamil Nadu only three open prisons are present which is too far less when compared to other states. In the open prison, the prisoners indulge in various activities such as farming, construction work and hand works. Because of the activities, prisoners get rejuvenated and the intention of a prisoner being lodged in the prison gets fulfilled. Also, most of the prisoners are between 21 and 50 years of age and they constitute maximum work force in the prisons. To make prisons a healthier place for prisoners, more number of open prisons should be constructed in the state, prayed the petitioner.

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