Man in sting operation video claims it was a ‘casual talk’

At a time when the Opposition has been staging walkouts from the Assembly demanding government’s response to the sting operation recently aired by a private news TV channel, the man who was present in the video now claims that it was a casual talk and dubs Shahnawaz Khan as conspirator.
Man in sting operation video claims it was a ‘casual talk’
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Adham Bava, one of the men seen in the footage, on Monday submitted a petition at the police commissionerate seeking action against Shahnawaz Khan, Moon TV’s managing director for damaging his reputation. 
Speaking to the media, Adham Bava, who introduced himself as a businessman and film producer from Madurai, apart from the founder of Ekathuva Dravidar Kazhagam, said that he and Shahnawaz Khan were friends for two years and he was negotiating a deal to buy Moon TV from the latter for his party. 
“It was Shahnawaz Khan who first told me that he was in touch with 10 MLAs from the ruling faction who want to switch sides owing to disappointment with the leadership,” said Adham Bava, who is a friend of former CM O Panneerselvam’s sons. He said he initially believed Shanawaz’s words and spoke to OPS faction. 
“When I told Shahnawaz that OPS would welcome anyone joining his side accepting their present stand, he told me that MLAs expect money. That is when I grew suspicious of Shahnawaz and to know his actual motive, I took my friend, Sathish Kumar, who is also a film producer, to Moon TV office and told Shahnawaz that Sathish will transfer the cash as per MLAs’ wish,” said Adham Bava. 
According to him, the video released as part of the expose featuring him was captured when he had the casual talk along with Sathish Kumar and Shahnawaz Khan and the words he spoke was to know motive of Shanawaz. 
Shahnawazh Khan said that he came in contact with Adham Bava just 10 days before the sting operation after he came to know through sources that he has been mediating the bribe talk on behalf of MLAs.

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