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Protect your eyes against summer allergies: Doctors

As the temperatures soar this summer, it is essential to not only protect yourself from the heat, but also your eyes, as the dust, pollen and ultra violet rays can prove detrimental for them. Allergy conjunctivitis and hordeolum involving eyelids are extremely common during the season, say doctors, who stress on adequate eye hygiene and protective eye wear.

Protect your eyes against summer allergies: Doctors
Protect your eyes against summer allergies: Doctors


Dr D Rajakannan, head of department, Ophthalmology, ESI Hospital, KK Nagar, said that with the onset of summer, he has been witnessing a steady flow of outpatients for allergic conjunctivitis. He said, “This is the result of an allergic reaction to pollen and causes red, watery, itchy eyes..” 

Experts also warned that children are more prone to these diseases. Dr Rajakannan said, “Kids are more prone to contract hordeolum that is caused by the blocking of glands near the eyelashes due to dust. As a result, bacterial infection is caused due to fluid accumulation. The lump around the eyelids can be treated easily with hot fermentations or with antibiotics.”

While the swimming pool can be a great place to beat the heat during summer, one must watch out for the contamination in the eye due to chlorine, said Dr Radhimalar Anand, ophthalmologist. 

Dry eyes are also common during the weather when one spends a lot of time indoors or in air conditioned rooms, though this is also a lifestyle problem due to overexposure to electronic gadgets, Dr Arulmozhi Varman, Medical Director, Uma Eye Clinic, said. 

He said that diseases are caused beacuse of poor eye hygiene habits, adding, “One just needs to wash their eyes regularly.”

  • Do not wash your eyes, unless there is a irritant or pollutant in the eye. 
  • Ensure you wash your eyelids regularly.
  • Wear sunglasses of a good brand to block ultraviolet rays.
  • Cover your eyes, when you ride a two-wheeler to protect the eye from dust.
  • Never self-medicate, in case you develop an eye-related condition.

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