Global survey reveals more respondents in favour of legal online gambling

Gambling over the internet is growing in various forms fueled by technology progress and the pandemic. Some say online gambling should be declared outside the scope of the law, but many more oppose such a view. The majority agrees, however, that the industry should do more in gambling harm prevention.
Global survey reveals more respondents in favour of legal online gambling
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Online casinos have highest participants from India
An international survey implemented by UK-based pollster YouGov established that 63 per cent of all respondents globally prefer gambling online rather than doing it offline, or in person. Still, all participants admitted to having gambled online at some point during the preceding 12 months.
The popularity of online casinos, lotteries and other betting activities over the internet is highest in India with 76 per cent of people supplying this answer. The United Kingdom follows with 70 per cent and Italy closes the top three with 69 per cent of respondents.
YouGov commented that “Fueled by innovation, de-regulation in key markets, and the pandemic, it’s clear that the popularity of online gambling globally has achieved new highs.”
Participants from the US, Germany and Sweden show a 58 per cent preference to online gaming options. Singapore, where there is a prohibition on online gambling in force, has 56 per cent of respondents answering in favour of the online vertical.
Italy, UK, France say businesses do not take problem of gambling seriously
When asked to share their opinion on gambling-related harm and whether the market should be regulated, 23 per cent of all participants internationally say that online gambling should be made illegal. The opposite view is expressed by 44 per cent of respondents.
The majority, or a full 57 per cent, think that online gambling businesses did not take problem gambling and addiction seriously against only 16 per cent who say that industry operators do enough in harm prevention measures.
Nation-by-nation, Italy has the highest number of participants – 69 per cent - who express the view that online gaming platforms neglect gambling-related problems. The United Kingdom and France are second and third with 66 per cent and 59 per cent negative opinions respectively. They are followed by Germany with 52 per cent, the United States with 50 per cent, and Mexico with 45 per cent.
The Global Gambling Report by YouGov analyses surveys on samples exceeding a thousand participants from each country including Denmark, France, India, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Spain, and Sweden. Double samples of more than two thousand respondents were implemented in key markets such as Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
Buying online lottery tickets shows as the most prominent method of online gambling in the world with 42 per cent of all participants admitting they had done it. Sports betting follows with 36 per cent of respondents providing that answer. Instant win lottery games are third with 23 per cent, and online slots are played by 13 per cent of all participants.
Broken down by country, online lotteries are most popular in Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, and Singapore. Betting on sports is most prominent in Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the US. India’s most popular online gambling activity is playing fantasy sports.

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