We are confident of avoiding relegation: Jonathan Silva

The ongoing LaLiga season hasn’t gone according to plan for Leganes. After achieving its highest-ever finish of 13th last season, the Madrid-based club is currently languishing at 19th with only 15 points collected from 21 matches. However, Jonathan Silva, the club’s left-back, is confident that his side will avoid going down.
We are confident of avoiding relegation: Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva


In an exclusive interaction with DT Next, the 25-year-old Argentine spoke about the new manager Javier Aguirre and how the team’s morale has improved since his arrival.
Jonathan, until Javier Aguirre’s arrival you all went through a difficult patch… can you tell us a bit about that?
Yeah well, everyone knows we have the same squad we had last season but that we have not found the identity that we had so clear last season. We struggled a lot at the beginning, but the important thing is that right now, we are doing much better. The team has found that happiness on the pitch, that confidence and that solidity that had been lost at the beginning.  
What has Aguirre brought? In terms of mood, the change is clear to see.
These are things that each coach brings… Javier is someone that’s very involved with the group and very involved individually with each player. He takes care of every little detail. Him and his staff. I believe that they came in at just the right time to turn around all the things we were doing wrong.
How has the team improved?
The confidence. That’s fundamental right now, it dictates how you take to the pitch and start games. We feel it on the pitch, we take to the pitch thinking that we are going to play well. After that, the result can go either way, but we are convinced that anyone will have a tough time beating us.
Are you worried by your standing in the table?
No, as Javier [Aguirre] always says, we try to look at ourselves and at our work and obviously we want to leave the wrong end of the table as quickly as possible.
Are you happy with your personal performance this season?
Well, as I always say, us defenders and wingbacks need the team to play well around us and we’ve markedly improved. That’s helped us to improve our performances a lot.
Can you tell them that the team will avoid relegation?
I really hope we do. We’re optimistic and have confidence that we will.
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