U-19 World Cup: Prasad credits team effort for the triumph

They say it’s lonely at the top. And that is exactly what this peerless India U-19 World Cup team led by Prithvi Shaw and his band of merry boys would be feeling after reaching the summit of Mount Maunganui to unfurl their banner of one-upmanship.
U-19 World Cup: Prasad credits team effort for the triumph
BCCI junior selection committee chairman, Venkatesh Prasad


And just to reassure, Shaw didn’t trade cricket for mountaineering, nor was he leading a troupe of expert mountaineers who were collectively rejoicing in their finest hour of accomplishment. It didn’t require an age to end for history to repeat itself in the context of India’s monumental conquest as in a span of merely six years, the Boys in blue subjugated Australia twice in the showpiece contest. Such was India’s ruthless streak that in all the six matches it played in this edition, every opponent was slain with utter disdain, making the result a foregone conclusion. 
The current BCCI junior selection committee chairman, Venkatesh Prasad, was understandably elated, and not surprised, at the match’s outcome. “I was not at all surprised at the ease with which we won the semi-final against Pakistan and the final against Australia. I was aware of how much planning and strategizing went into the campaign. A lot of credit must go to coach Rahul Dravid and the support staff for ensuring that the boys remained focused till the end,” said the 48-year-old.
Prasad lauded the youthful exuberance of the side and said its ground fielding and catching were beyond reproach even when seen through the eyes of a perfectionist. “Most of the time it’s the bowlers and the batsmen who walk away with the credit, but this time I felt our fielding was sharp in the way they prevented the singles opportunities and how skilfully they effected runouts. It played an instrumental role in our success,” opined Prasad. 
The former India fast bowler and bowling coach chose not to lavish praise on one individual alone for the record-breaking achievement. “I think the whole bunch of players deserves praise. It was a complete team effort. Whoever got a chance did well. And the captain Prithvi Shaw did a commendable job from the outset,” added Prasad. 
The last time these two teams clashed for the sole and proud ownership of the trophy, India toppled its hapless opponent to establish its supremacy. Until the winning runs were hit on Saturday, India had to share its territory at the top with its beaten rival which was forced to abdicate its claim to a fourth title in telling fashion. 
For India, the tournament ended how it all began. There must have been an inescapable feeling of déjà vu pervading the Indian camp when it neared the finishing line as it was Australia that it vanquished to kickstart its campaign. India may be lonely at the top but that loneliness is the cause of envy for the rest of the cricketing world. 

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