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Tarot on the cards

This week there are numbers that can be utilised for various purposes. Most of them are energetic magnets for any particular desire. They have a vibration that sets up the end results. Belief and trust are required for them to work well. Faith is also an important component. These can be chanted digit by digit as many times as possible or written in blue on any left side of the body.

Tarot on the cards


If things haven’t been going your way, then now is the time it will change. What is right and what is due to you will appear. The Justice card also ensures that the right thing will happen. Even if you do not perceive that as the right thing.

There is the natural order of life which will take shape now. The Queen of Swords shows that you have clear clarity about what you want to do.


Ensure you are looking at all opportunities coming your way. You could have a tendency to overlook those you think are not worth it. The Four of Pentacles signifies concern about spending money, but there is no need to fear. The Page of Cups shows new beginnings for someone close to you– possibly someone younger who is ready to move to the next phase of life.

This could also mean new projects and new collaborations.


The Ace of Swords indicates that you know what to do and how to do it.

You will be supported by forces that will help you move ahead with your plans. You are someone others will look up to when they are not sure how to go about things. The Six of Swords shows that you are well looked after.

You are supported by those by your side in a way they think is the best.


It is time to do a reality check. The Seven of Cups shows you dream big- nothing wrong with that but if you have not fulfilled your present commitments then future ones will not materialise. The Moon card also brings some element of doubt and overthinking. Through all this, the only way to go forward is to remove doubts and uncertainties in your mind and try to finish as many old commitments as possible quickly.


The Lovers card shows together- ness with a significant partner is now the main thing in life – this can be a very good working one either at work or at home as both know that it takes all wheels of a vehicle to move forward. The Eight of Pentacles shows you work hard with the skill sets you possess and utilise your talents to make the most. It is admirable how you manage your home and work.


The Seven of Swords shows that you are secretive and silent about your ideas and thoughts, as ideas are taken willy-nilly if you talk too much about them. The stealth part can be avoided as doing things must follow an ethical path. The Empress shows that you are on top of things – a caregiver as well as the glue that keeps the family together and also welcomes new additions, particularly within the family.


The Strength card shows you are an infinite being but with very human tendencies and you will need to keep things under control. The King of Wands shows the presence and blessings of elders -male energies- that will help and mentor you and also protect your interests as you go along. The King also indicates a steady mentor in your life. This can be from the physical world as well as from the spirit world.


The Two of Wands shows the mastery you have over your area of expertise and that will make others reach out to you through projects. There is growth when it comes to working. The Seven of Wands shows that you have multiple skills but you will need to pick one. If you try to do all at the same time, there is the possibility of burning out. Keep the fire within you within reasonable limits.


Your own mind keeps you from enjoying what you have in life. The Eight of Swords shows overthinking, agonising and keeping unwanted thoughts when all you need to do is to remove the ropes that tie you down; let go. The Ten of Cups shows a good happy family around you that you can appreciate and be grateful for. Children and spouse– all together and under the same roof indicate togetherness and harmony in the family.


You can afford to sit back and enjoy all that you have worked for. You can begin your efforts anew as you go. The Seven of Pentacles tells it is time to reap the fruits of your labour.

The Devil card shows bondings or bindings as you perceive them in your committed relationships.

Your marriage could feel a bit claustrophobic for many reasons but nothing that should make you want to opt-out of it.


The Ace of Cups is an assurance that there is a good balance of your thoughts and emotions and you are keeping things under control. The Temperance card shows that you work towards an equanimous state of mind – but with difficulty as there is a tendency to have knee-jerk reactions. A contradiction to what you will end up doing. You know yourself well and therefore will make extra efforts to stay on the path.


The Four of Swords shows that you are working on a couple of things. Meanwhile, you are relaxed too as you wait for the right time to unleash them. The King of Pentacles shows growth, abundance and money. You are in that state where money is there and you recognise the power of having it. You are able to lead and also help others who need it. You are on the top of things right now.

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Chitra Mahesh
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