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Tarot on the cards

The year ahead is here this week in a short capsule– it is brief and only points out to the most important aspects of the year 2023 in general. From the deck of Wisdom From The Epics of Hind by Pankhuri Agarwal. There is guidance on what to do and think about. These are just pointers, but there is always the matter of being able to think right. Think positive and behave as if you are already living the life you want. If there is an unconscious fearful attitude, then that is what you will end up creating. Watch those thoughts, and remember to think only of the best-case scenarios and best outcomes for everything.

Tarot on the cards


The Nine of Swords shows there could be many situations and people who could give you sleepless nights. This does not mean bad, but just that you will tend to stress over things that won’t really help you remain at peace. The Lovers card shows there will be a good relationship status with it comes to those who are important to you. The Four of Pentacles shows you will tend to watch over your expenses and keep wondering if you should be spending so much. As for guidance, ask yourself if you are stepping on the toes of others to get what you want. Know that you can be kind and shrewd at the same time. It is best for well-balanced karma leading to success.


The Empress card shows this year you will be on top of things largely. Situations, people who will recognize your powers and authority. However, there will be constantly going back and forth on what you should take up or devote your time to. The Two of Swords shows this vacillation will happen quite a bit as many offers will come your way. The Emperor card shows you will be supported very largely by a strong influential presence who makes things very easy and opens many doors to prosperity and abundance. This could be the person you are looking for to enhance your life. Ask yourself if you are taking steps to heal yourself. Spend time forest bathing. Work towards healing and you will be assisted.


Fortune and abundance are yours this year and you will be the owner of a lot of money and also be in a state of mind to help others. The Queen of Pentacles shows you will be a nurturer and will play this role without thinking it is a sacrifice or something you don’t want to do. The Magician card shows all the skills, opportunities and frameworks that are there for you to achieve and achieve well. There will be a focus on the younger lot in the family or friends circle where you will help, provide relief and also support them in all their endeavours to the best of your abilities. Ask yourself what you can do to achieve the ideal balance of spiritual and material. Pray- prayers can be for answers, guidance, things and healing.


The Ace of Pentacles shows there will be a success at endeavours projects and in fact most things you do. Many plans that were in hibernation will come to fruition as you go along. In about four months’ time, you will see them coming to life one by one. All you have to do is to wait for it all to unfold. You can also be assured that most things will go the right way. The Chariot card shows you have to be aligned with the divine to ensure that things go smoothly without bumps and hiccups. Ask yourself if you are getting moody and too emotional. Wear silver ornaments and drink water in a silver vessel. Take care of your emotional needs.


The Seven of Swords shows you could be multitasking in your mind, even if you don’t have to time to do all that you think about. You could also be drawn into things where stealth is involved. Do watch out for such situations. The Four of Wands shows house situation or personal life is good and will remain so as long as all members pull themselves up and work for similar goals. On the work front, you could be dealing with some tough situations when it comes to chasing after your dreams. Ask yourself, are you hurting yourself under the pretext of being in love? Are you confusing habit, or attachment with love? Just remember that love always feels good.


It is in the latter part of 2023 that you will actually taste the kind of success you want. The Five of Wands shows initially it will feel like you are fighting things, circumstances people and your own ambitions. You will face hostile situations but the calmer you are the better. There is also the feeling of being trapped and hemmed into the life you are leading. Ten of Swords shows you could feel that you don’t have the freedom to act and do things the way you want. But then winds of change come about and you will find yourself right on top with flags flying high. Ask yourself if you are constantly facing adversity with no relief or help at all. Align your chakras and centre yourself.


The Two of Pentacles shows there will be travel and change of place changing your routine. The year is a good one, where most of what you want and dream about will show itself. The World card shows what you wanted and did not get till now would have come a full circle and you will find yourself in a much better space mentally as well as physically. Ace of Wands says your career and skill sets will receive great recognition and appreciation and you will find yourself doing well. Ask yourself if you smile every day? Are you getting enough sunlight? Wet your back before sunrise, sit with your back to the sun and absorb all the goodness into your spine.


The Death card shows big changes for those born under this sign in the year ahead. This is not only very transformative, but you will find yourself at a higher level in every aspect of your life. Work, personal relationships and even the way people perceive you. However, all these come at a price as you will find that you might get overwhelmed. Eight of Cups shows you will also find that people and things are not the keys to true happiness. Which is when you will find that it is better to be carefree and have a don’t care attitude. The Fool card asks you to be ready to explore. Ask yourself If you are drinking enough water. Are you living with guilt?


All year round you will have the feeling of not being adequate in some matters. You will also feel you don’t have enough. The Five of Pentacles asks you to think in terms of abundance and fulfilment. There is plenty as the King of Pentacles shows and you will have enough. There is the guidance of male energy that will help you across all things. This is also the year when you must think more from the head than the heart. You need to be clear, cold and very precise. Ask yourself if you are hurting yourself to punish someone. What are you not willing to see about yourself? Give rest to your eyes. Sleep by 11 pm for the good of your eyes.


In 2023 most of the boxes are likely to be tickedthings you want and have been looking for will be near and somewhat fulfilled. The Nine of Cups shows you will also feel better about everything – work, people and personal life. You can afford to sit pretty and be assured that things are in order. Yet you will feel an aloofness and isolation that you cannot explain. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of people and situations. Don’t expect things to be to your liking all the time. You will have to monitor your reactions and responses in a calm and empathetic manner. Ask yourself if you are pushing yourself too hard. What can you do to change? Practice focusing on single tasks rather than multitasking.


The year could throw up many things, but if you think you can do all of it, you are likely to burn out. The Queen of Wands asks you to take one thing and put all your energy into it and you will be like a leader. It is also a year when you need to introspect on what you actually want out of life. A review of your deeds actions, intent and what you really are. Judge yourself and see where you are. The Nine of Pentacles shows that you will have enough money to be self-sufficient. Ask yourself if you compare yourself to others. do you act on impulse and then regret it? Practice stillness for at least 15 minutes every day.


You will put your best foot forth in 2023 to achieve all that you want and aspire for. The Eight of Wands shows that this will be primarily in the work area but it will spill over to social interactions and being sought after and popular. The Seven of Pentacles shows you are financially in a better place as money will flow. King of Swords you will also be guided and be under the watchful eyes of strong male energy who will ensure that you tread the right path and also to plan your future in the right manner. Ask yourself if you are ready to receive blessings from the universe. Be nice to all people regardless of their stature.

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