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Tarot: On the cards

Tarot: On the cards


The Four of Swords shows that there are plans you have in your mind. Right now, you are keeping things quiet so that you can fully reveal your plans when they finally take good shape. The Eight of Swords shows you are feeling tied down with various things you have to do and are hoping things will somehow get done by themselves. There is no one to free you – it is entirely up to you.


There is appreciation, applause and abundance and you will feel like you have done well. The Universe will show many ways for prosperity and the flow of money. The King of Cups indicates the support of strong male energy who will guide you. This could be a person you could meet if you have not already. Either way, this will give you great confidence and strength. This interaction will also give you emotional stability.


You are in a partnership which can be personal or even professional. It is important that you don’t rock the boat. Right now you could feel things could be better, but you don’t have an alternative to compare this to. The Six of Swords shows sometimes the boring and mundane are comforting too. The Five of Wands could put you in an acrimonious state of mind where you could get carried away by arguments and hostility.


The Page of Pentacles shows that this is a time for new ventures and they will be driven by young blood. And they will be financially rewarding. The Chariot shows that whatever you take up will go the right way. It is also a sign that when intent and actions are aligned everything works well in a way that is good. There could also be areas that need to be viewed through the grey areas.


If you are a woman, then this is the time when you will be on top of things. You can see changes in your personal and professional life and how you are viewed by those around you. You will wow people just as you will be and nurture close family and friends. There is also the possibility of adding to the family either through marriage or through the news of a pregnancy or the arrival of a new soul.


You would be involved in the affairs of children, youngsters and others who are around you when it comes to working. Their ideas, inputs and other support will be handy. The Page of Wands suggests new horizons and work opportunities. The Magician shows that you are a capable and talented person who needs to work in a cohesive manner too. The Magician card indicates that all 5 elements need to be balanced in the body.


Rising frustration and a hectic life right now could be making you a bit harassed and pressed for time in life. The Ten of Swords shows overthinking and over analysing which probably makes you feel under great pressure. The Devil shows a good bond with a significant other and this can be sometimes suffocating, but this is what you have now and you are comforted in this situation. It is time to put roots down.


This week has to do with two strong male energies- could be husband and son if a woman and if a man, they could be father and son. You may or may not agree with their ideas, but know that whatever comes from you is driven by cold clarity and intelligence. The King of Swords and the Page of Swords both have to do with the mind and a mind that is sharp and meticulous.


The Three of Cups shows good times, friendships and happy times with family and friends in a joyous environment. On a darker note, there could be a third angle in those who are married or in a committed relationship. The Ten of Pentacles shows great financial gain and money flowing in from many sources. In fact, you will be surrounded by those who are wealthy and therefore more money breeds more and money marries money.


You could be feeling somewhat alone despite having people around. This will not allow you to see the good around you because you are deep into the melancholy or are turning yourself away from people and situations. The Five of Cups displays solitude that you may not like at this point. The Sun card shows that should you remove yourself from this mindset you will see how much in the limelight you actually are.


The Five of Swords shows this is a tough time in your life because you could be in battle mode, where you feel that unless you are aggressive and assert yourself, people will not listen to you or take you seriously. In your mind, you feel you have to come on strong especially if there is competition. The Ten of Wands shows how burdened you are by work and commitments. Let go.


The Six of Cups shows how popular you are and how much you are valued. Youngsters especially will seek you out to be given your wisdom and love. The Six of Wands indicates travel in groups regarding work and the forays into new areas of development and progress. This card also shows that you could be the leader of those who works with and for you. You are in command which is a good thing.

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