Tarot: On the cards

This week are some switchwords that are incredibly useful. With faith and determination, the results can be surprisingly good. They need to be chanted as many times as possible as many times in a day as possible.
Tarot: On the cards


The King of Swords who is not just like a leader but is also very emotionally balanced and in control will influence you in many ways. This could be someone you live with or were mentored by in some way. The Wheel of Fortune shows good times ahead especially if you have some unsolved stubborn issues. Things are finally going well in your life and the world feels like a nice place to be in.


The Seven of Cups indicates that while you can have desires and wishes, try not to have unrealistic ones. The High Priestess shows that you are on a path to gaining knowledge and education. This aspect will be the highlight of your life as you go along. There is much to learn and you are drawn to things that will continue to teach you many things. Worshipping the Goddess of Learning will benefit you greatly.


For many of you, there will be a concentrated interest in work and goals set forward. This applies especially to the younger lot who will be pursuing many work-related activities. The Page of Wands is a card that shows fire and passion to get things done. The Three of Pentacles, therefore, is an apt card that signifies plans being worked out and worked on. You will be assisted by many who are also very committed.


The Page of Pentacles and the Page of Swords show ambition, drive and a focus to get to the goals set. There is also an eye on the financial rewards of hard work and skills being used just as there is clarity and focus on what has to be done even if that means working against the competition in the field. The Page of Pentacles shows new projects coming up. The page of Swords shows the drive.


Changes are in the air so be prepared. These could seem disturbing and unsettling initially, but you will realize that these are all part of life and this had to happen. The Death card is a highly transformative card that forces old things to be discarded and allows the new to build up in their place. The Seven of Wands shows a slightly irritated frame of mind when it comes to meeting deadlines and work.


The Three of Swords shows that while you know the reality you also find it very painful to deal with what is there and that you can’t control a whole lot. This can be tough to accept and deal with. This is probably why the Nine of Swords shows that you are totally weighed down by the pressure of your thoughts – all of this gives you poor sleep and frustration not knowing what to do.


You are secure in many ways- work, money and other creature comfort that allows you to be a nurturing person caring for others easily. The Queen of Pentacles shows you are a leader when it comes to dealing with many situations as you are perceived as someone with a good head on the shoulders. The Knight of Wands shows that you are preoccupied with a youngish person whose work and career you are following closely.


The Star card shows that of the applause, the limelight and other things that come when your work is good and acknowledged in the directions that bring about name and fame. Meanwhile, the Six of Pentacles shows that there is good money with you – from perhaps good work being done especially if in business- and there is enough to help and donate to those who may be needy and be glad for the help.


All actions have a consequence and whatever has passed and is passing will show up in events and issues that are just the consequences of things done are unpleasant the same thing applies and the best would be to accept that and refrain from feeling anger or be reactive in any way. The Judgement card calls for introspection. The Five of Pentacles shows that most things are in place, be grateful for what you have.


The Four of Wands shows a happy family time and situation – there is togetherness and joy as life is taken on with all its vagaries. This also shows that there are possibilities of moving into a new abode, building a house or renovating that makes things feel new. The Strength card tells you that while all this is happening also takes time to keep emotions under control should things be delayed or not go as per expectations.


All is good for now enjoy all that life has to offer and take everything on with enthusiasm and joy because The World card comes to tell you that most boxes are ticked at this point. What was not so great some time ago, is now on the upswing and you are possibly doing all that you have wished for. The Five of Swords shows that there are till remnants of the fight mode.


The Ten of Pentacles shows that there is wealth through many means flowing to you which makes it pleasant and in a giving mood to those around you. The Three of Cups, therefore, shows celebrations, happy times and plenty of gatherings that make up life so interesting and varied. This also coincides with the holiday season which is certainly jolly but also watches out for excessive eating and drinking. This can also lead to needless combinations.

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