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Tarot: On the cards

Tarot: On the cards


The King of Pentacles suggests that this a time for you to experience plenty and there is the presence of a person who is wealthy, well-placed and who helps in many ways. This is like a leader of the community or the head of the house who takes care of most needs. However, Eight of Swords shows that despite all this you are suffering from the weight of your own thoughts. Free yourself.


The preoccupation with youngsters in your life may take up a lot of your thoughts. The Page of Pentacles shows that one particular one is actually doing very well and is on the verge of a major breakthrough. The High Priestess shows that your learnings are going on all the time as you continue to pursue the path of knowing more about life. This card also shows that you are in some way a teacher.


The Four of Swords shows that there are plans that are in the stage of birthing. This is a time when it is brewing, but not yet fully evident so you could feel that things are not happening. They are and all you need to do is to wait for their fruition. The Magician card shows that you have everything that is needed to see your hopes through, but the gestation time is also there.


The Ace of Wands shows that you will be successful in whatever you do. There is success, drive and a strong desire to be the best and at this point, it will be the way you want. The Death card also comes to show that there are changes- could be work, relationships and status. You may move away from where you are in all ways. It can be challenging, but ultimately it is for good.


Right now most of your concerns are to do with your spouse and children. And if not married then it has to do with someone you are interested in especially when it comes to their emotional state of mind. The Knight of Cups also indicates journeys of sorts while the Devil card is showing your bond with important people, especially those you live with. Sometimes you wish to break out of social barriers and be free.


The Star card shows that there is a lot of appreciation and applause for all that you do. There is success, money and recognition, especially for the work you do and how you are seen. The Five of Cups brings out the feeling of being alone where you could be surrounded by people and still feel like you are in the middle of the sea. You have to be able to see the good around.


The World card shows you are in a good space with most things that one would want in life. What was down has now gone up and there is literally a world of difference between now and perhaps a couple of years ago. But the Five of Wands shows that you are at odds with yourself and you tend to resist things which makes them persist. There is no place for hostility within yourself.


The Strength card shows that you will be able to control your emotions and thoughts and ensure that you go with the flow. It is something you can do as you are more powerful than situations but just don’t give in to knee-jerk reactions. The Four of Pentacles is now putting you in a spot when it comes to spending money. Ask for help if needed as sometimes another input can put things in perspective.


It is a time when you could be feeling turbulent about many things. The Temperance card shows that you are trying to keep things calm and trying to work things out in the best possible manner. The Three of Swords comes as a backup to tell you that use your head more now than your heart to make decisions. In any situation reacting will prove counterproductive; respond after taking a few minutes of thinking.


The Justice card tells you whatever will happen will happen- according to what is right as per the life plan. Everything is for growth and the best is to go with the flow. It also means that if things have been not going according to what is fair then now is the time they will fall into place. The Knight of Pentacles shows this. Travelling and jobs are on for those who want them.


The Nine of Swords shows that sleepless nights could be happening for various reasons but mostly because of an overactive mind. The Seven of Swords also shows that with all this going on you could be wanting a break. Maybe running away to someplace quiet. But there is also secrecy about what you do and that can also be making you feel this way. Bringing them out in the open can be liberating.


It seems that things are good between you and your spouse or partner. The Lovers card shows that there could be some celebrations with regard to marriage or just celebrating togetherness. The Seven of Cups, however, shows that if you have unrealistic expectations of people and situations you are likely to be disappointed. If you can accept what is there without the emotions tied to the outcome, then there is a sense of being happy.

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