Tarot: On the cards

Tarot: On the cards


There are concerns for children – especially if they are pursuing careers and travelling. You could be tying yourself into knots worrying about safety and that they must do well. The Eight of Swords shows that you are feeling frustrated and hemmed in. Possibly because the Knight of Pentacles suggests the progress and life path of the youngsters in your life. It also shows that there is no cause for concern as they will do well.


The indication is that there is a big change coming up. The Death card shows while it could take time, getting used to it will take you to the next level of progress. Could be money, lifestyle, new circumstances or friends where you will need to forgo what you were used to. The Emperor card shows that you will be taken care of at work and will be guided by the male energies in your life.


A good week for those born under this sign. The festival of Diwali will add cheer to life and you will find yourself sought after, appreciated, and loved. The Sun card shows that it’s your time to be in the limelight and you will enjoy the success of those close to you. The World card adds to happiness and fulfilment as things will go well at home and work. Time for really good things.


The Ace of Swords shows that you are thinking right and will win anybody or any situation over. This card also shows success in things that have been stubbornly eluding you so far. As things fall into place you will see how confident you will be. The Six of Cups indicates a time for emotional stability and appreciation from others. You will find yourself being sought after. You will be taking care of loved ones.


The Seven of Pentacles shows that you can afford to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your actions, especially when it comes to money and abundance. You can really pat yourself on the back for this outcome. The King of Cups shows that you are guided and looked after by a strong male who is also emotionally stable. This is a good thing because that will also make you steady and consistent in life.


The Queen of Pentacles shows that you are on a good wicket by all standards and you are also financially secure and are in a good position to nurture others. You could also be mentoring and inspiring youngsters. The Six of Wands shows that their ambitions and goals could be tied with your words and work. This card also shows that your own siblings or children will be on a path of achievement fulfilment.


You will find yourself proceeding with a lot of stress and deliberation and your mind will be in a competitive state of mind as you forge ahead. The Knight of Swords shows that you want to win at any cost and this is not a bad thing, but you must also learn to leave the outcome to the universe. The Chariot assures you that only the right thing will happen. You will reap good outcomes.


You are having too many things on your plate- a trifle burdened and overworked. The Ten of Wands suggests that you could lay down some of the things with a bit of prioritisation. Try managing your time efficiently. Meanwhile, the Four of Wands shows that family and personal life will be good with many pleasant occasions and celebrations. You will be the centre of the family gatherings and you will indeed have a good time.


The King of Pentacles shows that you are in a good place when it comes to finances and that you will be able to be generous should anyone ask you for money. You are also being guided by the presence of a strong individual either in physical or spirit form in all your endeavours. The Judgement card asks you to do a bit of self-introspection about where you are heading forward. Self-assessment can be productive.


The Seven of Swords shows that you are trying to get away from most things including the voices in your head. However, there is also an element of stealth in the way you are working so ensure you are doing things that are above board. That is probably why the Nine of Swords appears to show how all this is affecting your peace of mind. You are having sleepless nights with all this overthinking.


Your plans are turning into reality. The Four of Swords shows that you are willing to wait for things to happen at the right time and you trust the universe to do it in the best manner possible. The Empress, therefore, is like an endorsement card where you will be on top of things because of your patience. The Empress is also someone who nurtures and keeps things in order which you are probably doing.


It is an emotional week ahead because too many things can cause a burnout feeling where you could be feeling overwhelmed and overwrought by your surroundings. The Eight of Cups shows that you want to withdraw from most things and seek a place where you will be left in peace. However, alone you might feel right now, you need to open your eyes to see that there are still good things in life.

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