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Tarot: On the cards

They have to be chanted digit by digit as many times as possible with faith and belief.

Tarot: On the cards

CHENNAI: This week there are codes for abundance which you can use to gain monetary benefits. They have to be chanted digit by digit as many times as possible with faith and belief. When you do that you can be sure to get results in the most mystical manner.











318 798

318 612 518 714

489061719 88 0618



When there is abundance there is no need to go in pursuit of more. It looks like there is plenty of money as the King of Pentacles suggests. There could be family money, and earnings and that should tide you over for the next couple of years. The Knight of Swords shows that you are putting your mind in overdrive trying to get things (including money) in a hasty manner. Taking things calmly and not in an aggressive manner will go a long way.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY

The Ten of Cups suggests a happy family life with plenty to enjoy with loved ones. This is a happy time personally so make the best of these favorable circumstances. There is emotional balance, good feelings and a sense of belonging. There could be a happy journey too in the coming days. The Three of Swords shows that you will need to think more with your head rather than your heart. Be practical and pragmatic about the choices you make.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE

You could be in an undecided state of mind – it could be to do with work, personal life or directions in life. What should you do? That could be the question on your mind. The Two of Swords shows that you are vacillating between things and don’t quite know how to decide on any one thing. However, you have a sharp mind and will eventually make the right decision and move forward. The Two of Pentacles also reflects this.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY

Unable to see the good things your state of mind is that of isolation and a feeling of being alone through all that you are undergoing. You could look around and be grateful for the things that are already there instead of thinking of what there is not. The Five of Cups shows that emotionally you are drained and thus not able to see the path ahead. The Wheel of Fortune says things will be good.



There is a troubled mind right now- could be anything and everything. Does not take too long to get you riled up about the simplest of things and that is the effect of the moon. The Moon card ensures that you will be in a state of questioning and distrust even without adequate reason. This is the mind telling you all kinds of stories which are just that. The Three of Cups augurs happy gatherings around the corner.



Whether you believe it or not most things in your life are going according to the big plan. There is a Divine Power that walks by your side ensuring that you do all that is good for you. The Hierophant is the card of support showing Divine help and the blessings of the Guru if there is one. The Six of Swords shows that you are not in any frame of mind to rock the proverbial boat and you would rather go with the flow.



The Nine of Pentacles shows that you are on top of things especially when it comes to finances and money power. You are a nurturer giving support and comfort to many who are in your life. There is a power within you that is comforting and supportive to so many people who depend on you knowingly or unknowingly. The Nine of Cups shows certain happiness with most things that are there in your life.



Generosity is the dominant feeling in the coming week as you will be in a giving state of mind – you will be doing a lot of it with money, things, time and knowledge. As the year is coming to a close, you feel you have to be able to donate a lot of things including the negative feelings (to The Universe so that they can be transmuted into love and light) and keep the flow going. The Six of Pentacles is indicative of that.



When it comes to gaining emotional stability then this is the phase for you now. The Ace of Cups ensures that most things are to your liking and they will follow a prescribed path making you feel fulfilled and good about most things around you. Also, it means that you will rise above your feelings and make things work in the best possible manner. The Three of Pentacles shows that you have plans for the future.



The week ahead could be with hostilities and unfulfilled aspirations. The Five of Wands suggests opposition to plans and ideas, acrimony at the workplace and you yourself being at odds with yourself making things difficult and insurmountable. This has also to do with the way you are thinking which will have a bearing on the outcome. Change your thoughts and you will find that the outcome will change too.



There is a lot you know yet your find yourself tied up in knots. The High Priestess shows that you are well educated and still willing to learn many new things as you have it in you as an explorer. The High Priestess also is a symbol of what you can impart to the rest of the world. However, so much information gathering will only make you stressed and walk in the wrong direction. Ensure that what you know will hold good no matter what.



All that you are wanting in terms of your work looks like will materialize and you will see success for pending projects, new ones and enhanced directions. The Ace of Wands suggests that you single-mindedly pursue all that you are going after and you will see that they will fall into place. The King of Swords shows the presence of a strong individual who will be able to guide you the proper way when it comes to thinking and ideating.

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