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Tarot: On the cards

Going to a doctor is mandatory if conditions persist as these are like prayers-only an ad dition to what you already need to do.

Tarot: On the cards
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CHENNAI: It is now the season of flu and conditions related to that. Use these codes for the best possible results and help yourselves. Going to a doctor is mandatory if conditions persist as these are like prayers-only an ad dition to what you already need to do.

For cold and run ning nose: 9224494

Cough: 1474609

High fever: 278765608

Reduce fever: 365269516

Sneezing: 90,655

Allergies to dust: 68


The Temperance card shows that you will find it difficult to keep your emotions under control and you will need extra patience when dealing with people. The Seven of Wands shows that you are yet to pick the one task that will provide you with fulfilment and a sense of completion. You are trying to do many things and with so many interests you are hard-pressed to pick the one that will yield good results.


Celebrations and gatherings are around the corner. You will have a good time with friends and family. The Three of Cups shows that there is plenty to meet and celebrate so ensure that you do not overeat and drink. The Ten of Cups shows a happy family environment and happy days ahead with children. Both the cards show happiness and fulfilment at a time like this and you can look forward to good times ahead.


There is success in your endeavours and there is also appreciation and good family life. The Ace of Pentacles shows abundance and prosperity and if there are projects you have been thinking about now is the time to give them your best shot. The Four of Wands brings a good home environment with all members being in a generally good state. You could also be going for some property deal- renovation, buying or selling.


Just when you begin to feel on top of the world and in control of your emotions, you will want to go away from the scene of action and retire to the mountains. The King of Cups shows that you are a mentor and also lead by example, but the Eight of Cups brings to the fore the fact that you actually don’t want the limelight and attention, in addition to the role you play.


The Eight of Wands shows the ambition and the skills that you possess and how you would like to engage with all your creative ideas in the best possible way. The High Priestess shows that you are supported by what you have learnt and read. It will help you make a good decision about what path you should go on. There is work and there is learning which is most productive for the final outcome.


The Five of Pentacles shows that you are probably thinking there is not enough but that is not so. Try stepping out from the poverty mindset and thinking of abundance which will help shift the vibrations. However, the Two of Pentacles shows that you constantly wonder where and how to spend your money. There is a debate most of the time. Remember if you give out peanuts you will get monkeys and not the best.


You are sitting pretty on most things and have control over what is to be done. The Empress is a card that gives you plenty of power and the ability to take care of people and things. You will be looked upon as someone worthy and valid. The Three of Pentacles shows that the plans you are making are on the anvil. These plans have to do with a change of place, jobs and residence.


The Sun card shows optimism, success, joy, birth, health, inner child, energy and enthusiasm. Success is there and it is time to enjoy the limelight. The Two of Swords shows that you could find yourself at crossroads. You might need to find a balance between two or more opposing factors in life. You could be finding it tough to make a decision about something. Have the courage to trust yourself and the path will become clear.


There could be the arrival of great news and invitation as new experiences are on the horizon. The Knight of Cups indicates a person who will tend to make decisions based on emotions and will allow logic and reason to go for a toss. The Queen of Pentacles shows someone who is warm and motherly, and who is able to maintain a healthy and happy life. It also means that it is time to be practical.


It shows that it is time to take action if the task ahead seems tedious. It is important to remain focused and follow through. This card can also indicate a sense of boredom and restlessness and the Knight of Pentacle indicates a change in mindset is needed. The Hermit shows you could be seeking your own space and some amount of soul searching. You are not alone in this journey and are being divinely guided.


The Star card represents hope, optimism, healing, balance, well-being, peace, and success. This is the time for healing. Optimism is restored and wishes are being fulfilled. You can shed your inhibitions and just be authentically you. Taking centre stage and there is fame too. The Page of Pentacles shows that the youngsters in your life could be making waves through work and abundance. New projects are coming up. You could be looking at something new.


The Knight of Swords shows you are in the fight mode as you feel unless you do things on a war footing, nothing will get done. You are ready to demolish any competition that comes your way and will ensure to have the upper hand through your words. The Four of Cups indicates an unwillingness to accept all that comes your way. You tend to reject things that you feel are not up your alley.

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