Tarot: On the cards

Burning scented or colour candles have their own energies and bring about a certain calm and peace around the place you occupy.
Tarot: On the cards

This week we focus on Light and the Magic of Candles. Burning scented or colour candles have their own energies and bring about a certain calm and peace around the place you occupy.

On Fridays use a Dark Green candle. Sprinkle a dab of honey, cinnamon powder on it while it is burning.

Also on a Friday use a Pink candle with Rose oil.

A White candle can be used for blessings upon the house Black candles can be used for protection and against negative energies


Success, stardom and laurels are coming your way as a result of all the work you have put in till now. At work, you will script success stories in projects you participated or initiated. The star card brings limelight and attention to you – and this is most probably related to what you do as a skilled person. You can look forward to being acknowledged as someone right up there! The Ace card also indicates taking steps towards greater things.


You would like to be in control of most things especially when it comes to situations and people you care about. And the Queen of Swords tells you that you indeed are a leader and a mentor and someone who can guide people. The Fool card is all about letting go and enjoying the life you have been given without thinking too much about the how’s and the whys. Take bold steps to travel.


There are lots of travel plans ahead. It could be for work, leisure, or other commitments but moving around is most likely to happen as both cards indicate looking beyond where you are now. For many of you it will involve collaborations, projects and going overseas for studies and many such things. Try and stay hydrated as much as possible. And also keep a cool head over your shoulders.


For many of you The Empress is a card that describes your current state of affairs and state of mind- that of confidence, being a nurturer and a natural leader. There could be new arrivals and additions to the family and close circle of friends and this is the time for growth. The Nine of Cups things are smooth and you are emotionally in a more stable and happy place. Consider that as a positive aspect.


The presence of a strong emotionally stable person who you look up to will make life much easier as decisions and the way forward is clear and not filled with doubts. The King of Cups shows that this could be either someone you interact with a lot. The Six of Swords shows you are in a relationship that is not necessarily a happy one, but stable. This is what you know will take you to safe shores.


Running away from things is not going to solve issues. You will have to deal with them head on. The Eight of Cups shows a time when you could feel fed up with the world around you and be tempted to give everything up and run to the hills. The High Priestess however comes to tell you everything is a learning experience and that of growth to someone you need and have to become. Strength and conviction of purpose comes only this way.


You could be at odds with what you want to do with your professional life. You have several interests and you would like to pursue them all, but you also know that the burn out rate will be high and you are not going to be able to deal and cope with stress. Avoid a stingy mindset and keep working the way you have been -the money will automatically flow.


A good life at home leads to more productive work and growth and that is what is indicated for most of you in the week ahead. The Four of Wands shows that this stability will contribute greatly to your work and its growth. The Six of Pentacles indicates that you are in a giving state of mind as you will do a lot of charity and help many people either by giving money or in kind and making a difference in your world.


There could be mood swings which will take you to the highs and also the lows when you don’t want to see what life is offering you. The Three of Cups shows gatherings where you will have a good time with family and friends while the Four of Cups shows that you could be mulish when it comes to grabbing opportunities . You may not be in the mood to socialise. The Three of Cups also shows the presence of a third wheel if in a deep relationship.


This is a period when you will be working very hard and earning well. The Eight of Pentacles shows a time where you will put all your efforts and time in doing what brings in the finances and a good lifestyle. The Three of Pentacles shows that all the effort will pay off even more in the future as many things are just about to attain fulfilment. This is the time to plan for house renovation and property-related stuff.


Ambition is one of your names and this is not merely related to work and career. This has also to do with wanting to be seen and do things that will lift you up in the eyes of the world. However, you also know that taking on too much can be debilitating physically.You keep fighting internally and sometimes externally to do what you think should be done. You could tone down the aggression to achieve more.


There could be journeys for self-discovery and places to go to achieve emotional balance. Spa, retreats or yoga weekends seem to be the ones you could be looking at to find that balance between your work life and your personal interests. The Two of Cups brings to the fore the good nature of important significant relations such as spouse, partners and this shows a happy time.

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