Tarot: On the cards

This week try the codes given for different issues and things. These are to be repeated 45 times sometimes even for three times in a day.
Tarot: On the cards

This week try the codes given for different issues and things. These are to be repeated 45 times sometimes even for three times in a day. These help to shift the mindset and events in such a way that the result can be good. It goes without saying that they need to be done with faith and clarity.


You are being presented with an opportunity to create your life in the way you desire. Live life as you desire. A Blank card tells you that it is what you choose to create that you will experience. The Ten of Swords shows that if you have been feeling cornered and pinned down, apply this principle to create a story so good that you are living the best life that you can get

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

What is needed right now for you is patience and equanimity towards all things around you. The Temperance card tells you that this is important at a time like this, when things will be in flux and uncertain. The Eight of Swords shows you are feeling claustrophobic about many situations in your life. Something in your hands as you decide not to allow anything to touch your core and remain detached and go with the flow.


The Three of Pentacles shows that there are many things in the pipeline all set to materialise soon enough and all these could be endeavours involving loved ones or dear friends. Trips, travels, or building something new. The Star card is further endorsement of the rising success and limelight that will follow you around as you become the centre of attraction wherever you go. You will lead by example and continue to inspire those around


The week ahead and the following days is going about with clarity and faith that the right mind will yield right results. There is a good head over shoulders and plans are practical as well as well thought out. The Page of Swords is an indicates this. the four of coins shows that there is much thought going into the spending patterns at this time as this is essential to your well-being and living standards


A mother figure will play a vital role in your life right now. This presence is something you need as you seek directions. This can also indicate education, learnings and improving upon skills through courses and practical experiences. The Hermit shows that you are inclined towards being on your own and doing thing silently and in a withdrawn sort of way which others may or may not understand. This is self-inflicted and a choice


The days ahead are all about preoccupation with the younger lot in your life. Their dreams their goals and their work and emotional stability. The Knight of Cups shows that you are working to create that emotional stability for them. The Four of Swords shows that many of your plans are on the brink of materialising. Right now, all you need to do is to sleep well and wait for it all to happen

20 APRIL – 21 MAY

Moon card indicates that the root cause of everything seems to be the mind. There are mood swings and decisions that waver over and over again. Inputs from others near and dear ones will confuse. Ensure that you follow your heart and gut and then move forward. The Eight of Cups brings you isolation and wanting to be by yourself and possibly get away to places of solitude. It could also be a time for retreats

21 JUNE – 23 JULY

Strike when the iron is hot so to say and if you have plans regarding your work, personal life and other such matters now is the time. The Knight of Swords is an indication of that as energies are high now and the time right. The Queen of Swords shows and endorses these sentiments as it indicates that you will be in control and on top of things on all endeavours you choose to pursue


The Wheel of Fortune shows that things are on the upswing when it comes to work and recognition. The Emperor card shows the presence of a strong individual who is important when it comes to updates, mentorship and all leading qualities that also help you make up your mind when it comes to important things. Somehow you fashion your life based on this individual and this is an anchor you rely on no matter what


You will be interacting, meeting and teaching many youngsters as you go along in your area of interest and this will be something very productive in terms of work. New areas, directions and other things will propel you towards success and money. The Six of Wands and the Queen of Pentacles indicates this. You will not just do good things but also be adequately compensated for all that you do. It is a very productive phase now


Time for a big change in your life and it could be any areapersonal life, work or change of place that will help you initiate a new phase. The Death card is something that comes when transformation is needed for your highest good. You could lose someone close to you physically or metaphorically. The Two of Cups shows a lot of affection and bonding between committed partners and this strength will build the next phase

18 FEB– 20 MARCH

Many things are weighing on your mind when it comes to work and related issues. You are also trying to multitask and do too many things which can result in a burnout. The Nine of Wands shows that you are very skilled. Ensure you don’t have too many people involved in your endeavours. The Empress shows that you are on top of things no matter what. So take a path that will get the best results.

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