Tarot on the cards

Tarot on the cards


You have been given an opportunity to take yourself into space to be able to do well at work. Even otherwise, at this point in time you are feeling like you are on your own. However, The Hermit card indicates that you are being guided by the higher powers. Meanwhile, The Ace of Wands shows that you are either already doing very well workwise or are on the way to achieve big things in life


The Eight of Swords shows that you could be feeling trapped. This also has to do with the mind buzzing with ideas and other things; the movement seems restricted. Take the blinders off and make use of this time to work on yourself. The Knight of Cups shows a rather emotionally fulfilled person in your life. This phase will also give rise to new projects for this person thanks to the mind which is calmer


Sometimes some of these innocuous offers are the ones that become big and fulfilling eventually. The Four of Cups shows that you could not be looking at things that could make you happy probably because you might have ideas about how things should be. The Ten of Pentacles indicates wealth and prosperity and could be the beginning of a new phase in life. you could be seeing more of it in the coming days


The Emperor card indicates the presence of strong individual who is like a mentor. However this can be you displaying such qualities and therefore helping many who need your inputs. The Two of Swords shows you are weighing two options in your mind and are not able to see the way ahead because of these choices. This also means that you have opinions that are constantly divided, leaving you a bit obstructed with decisions-making


This feels like a time when you will be looked after and sought after in many ways not all of them the conventional. The Six of Cups shows that you are right now in the midst of a lot of likes and admiration from others. The Knight of Swords shows a very hard-working and full of clarity youngster who will forge ahead in all matters and you will be amazed at how things are being tackled


Somehow you will have to wrap your head around the things happening in your life. This will help you overcome any feelings of inadequacy and want and help you move beyond the issues that seem to be abounding right now. The Three of Swords shows that you will need to think rationally. Which is also why the strength card tells you that all you need now is strength to overcome emotions that can be debilitating


The King of Swords indicates someone who is very clear about things and is like a leader when it comes to making decisions and keeping the mind under good control. The Queen of Pentacles shows that you as a person are abundant in every way and can also look forward to getting more money. You are the kind who will make money sitting right where you are and you can efficiently handle multiple choices


The Seven of Cups shows that you expect too much all around and that leads to disappointment and disillusionment. If you tone this down, you will be happier and fulfilled. The Three of Cups shows that you are capable of having a really good time when you get together with like-minded people. Like friends and family and you will want to do this more to celebrate life itself instead of waiting for an occasion


The Four of Wands shows harmony and happiness in your family life with all those who are part of it. There could be additions, but right now there is contentment with the committed partner and all that you are building together. The Two of Cups shows a good partnership and the joys of being in each other’s life. If this is nurtured, there is a lot to be grateful for in your life and relationships


The younger you are, the better are your chances to find great things to do work wise. The Page of Pentacles shows the flow of money and work that will be enhancing your life. This also means that you will be appealing to many across the board with your ideas. The Six of Wands confirms this trend with work taking precedence over all else and you will be going on journeys connected to your work


The Tower shows that the old ways of doing things, living and lifestyle is most likely to undergo changes. The Tower is there to tell you that what served you well all these days will no longer be applicable as new things will slowly take over. The Three of Wands shows the desire to travel on work, but you are being held back by caution and the desire to remain stable on your own


Right now, you are in a mood of giving- to all those around you and to those you think don’t have much. Take no pride in doing charity and helping others. In fact, look at it as a golden opportunity to be able to serve others. The Six of Pentacles is an indication of this. The Four of Swords shows that all your plans, future and otherwise are in the process happening with time

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