Tarot on the cards

Tarot on the cards


There is this constant change of mind when it comes to finances. You tend to overthink but probably buy more expensive things. The Four of Pentacles shows that you could be preoccupied with money and what you can use it for. The Knight of Wands suggests that you could be looking at new avenues of work and vision. This could involve youngsters and a startup. You are convinced that this is the way forward


The Eight of Cups is indicating that you may want to ignore and forget your daily life and go into the metaphorical mountains. However, this also means that you are not dealing with your emotions. The Moon card shows there is a way forward if you look at everything calmly. In both the cards, the Moon plays its role in determining your worth and moods. Allow this to aid rather than hinder your appreciation of life


You are the person who is very duty-bound and will do things by the book. You do take responsibility for commitments and promises made and you will fulfill them even if unappreciated and inconvenient. The Six of Swords shows doing right is the most important thing. The King of Pentacles shows the presence of a strong person who is financially well off and is like a mentor helping you keep your finances in order


Even when surrounded by plenty and abundance you feel you don’t have enough. This is something you will have to wean yourself out of because the more poorly you think about yourself, the more you will sink into despair and never see how it really is. The Five of Pentacles says that you only see things that are missing. The Ace of Wands is an assurance that whatever you are doing, you are doing well


This is a phase where you will be working hard and even studiously fulfilling goals you have in mind. The Eight of Pentacles shows that you not only will excel but will also earn enough to show your worth. The Devil shows you to be in a bind or bond with your significant other who may or may not be your idea of a perfect partner, but this is what is in your life now


The Fool card shows that it is time to give up responsibilities and go in search of anything interesting. However, you are most likely to do things with caution. Hopefully, you know your limits and do things accordingly. The Nine of Pentacles shows abundance and plenty of profits. You will experience many things for which you will have the money to spend on. The best part is that this won’t affect your year-round finances


The days ahead are emotionally stable where you are going to feel much more in control of your emotions and feelings. You are most likely to feel you have it all organised. The Nine of Wands shows that plenty of work options will show up, but you will have to decide the one that you will give your all in. And that will enable you to be on top of the heap, market-wise


For many of those born under this sign, especially women, this is a time when you will flourish professionally. The Queen of Wands shows that you are somewhat ahead of others in the chosen area of work. You will be looked up and looked at as someone who knows what he/she is doing and doing it very well. Remember to keep that clarity going and not mix it up with emotions and dilute your position


You could be having sleepless nights and anxiety about many things, primarily about a significant other. You wonder if you are doing enough to keep that person happy. The position of your work and worth is also something you keep thinking about. The Justice card tells you that you are doing what you can. Mostly you do the right thing, but whether it is perceived that way is not in your control. You are being fair


You are looking at many things, including gaining assets and new avenues that will fetch financial gains. The Three of Pentacles shows all that you are thinking of will soon become reality. The Hanged Man tells you that this path to achieving your goals is not likely to be smooth. All you have to do is to tackle them with out-of-the-box solutions and not look at them in the typical conventional manner


The Nine of Cups indicates a rather peaceful and happy time in your life. You have most boxes ticked and there is not much that you are aspiring for at this moment. The Eight of Swords shows that there are slivers of discontent that you yourself are unsure about. You are searching for some elusive thing that is nagging at your core and sometimes blinding you to the good things that are there right now


The Two of Wands shows that you are looking overseas for expansion and looking at new areas of collaborations and ventures, while the Page of Pentacles shows that while you do have the finances to do something you wonder if that is enough. However, when the Page is coming up, all you have to do is to launch yourself and be assured that the money will somehow come about to help you realise your goals

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