Tarot: On The Cards

Switchwords help you manifest and these powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind, activating your ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing and success. Here are some very simple and common words that you can use consciously.
Tarot: On The Cards

Words have so much power that they become actions. One is sometimes not even aware of what they can bring into your life. What you say and express is being heard by the Universe and this transforms all of it into your reality. Switchwords can determine and alter your energy from one dimension to another. Switchwords help you manifest and these powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind, activating your ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing and success. Here are some very simple and common words that you can use consciously.

1. Find, Divine, Count, Done and Scheme - All these relate to wealth and money.

2. Together - It is a master switch word and can be used for any situation.

3. Bring - It is a power word and can bring you what you desire. 4. Rejoice, Divine - Helps to attract love.

5. Adjust - Creates balance and helps handle difficult situations. 6. All In - Brings things together.


There are bouts of loneliness and this will eventually end. It can be empowering to do things on your own terms. The Hermit card tells you that you are guided by the powers and are on the right path. The Nine of Wands shows that there is a lot of fire in you to achieve things, especially when it comes to your skills and talents in work situations. Hold on to your ideas and execute them.


If you are looking for guidance from someone more accomplished than you, build up to that level or ensure you follow the right person who can mentor you. The Emperor shows that such a person could come into your life or there is already someone guiding you in mysterious ways. The Seven of Cups tells you not to have unrealistic expectations of life and people. The less you do that, the happier you will be.


When there is clarity and sharpness of the mind, things go right. Control over thoughts and ideas will make you a leader. The King of Swords shows that you have these qualities now. There is a presence who guides and ensures you are on the right path. The Hierophant indicates that if you do the right thing and go by the inner guidance, you can simply do nothing detrimental to you or to the others.


If things have not been so great for you, you will notice most of them falling into place now. The World card shows that things for you are on the upswing. The Queen of Wands indicates a certain steely quality when it comes to work. Ensure that you have your grip firmly on what needs to be done and do it. Right now, no one is likely to unseat you from a place of power.


Journeys are in the offing; trips with loved ones, mostly who are in the younger age group. These could be work related too. The Six of Wands indicates exploring new avenues will turn into profitable ventures. The Queen of Cups brings to light the emotional upheaval you could be going through for various reasons. Some of them might seem trivial, but they still disturb and prevent you from keeping your equanimity. Stay calm and go with the flow.


The Three of Wands shows you are looking beyond the place you are now. Your ambitions and dreams may seem far from reach at this point in time. You could also feel that your talents and skills will be served in the future rather than in the present. The Six of Wands ensures you try not to rock the boat and allow the person in your life to steer you to wherever it is taking you.


The Five of Pentacles indicates don’t worry about things, especially money. The fear debilitates you and does not allow you to be happy. Allow the future its course especially when it comes to money and abundance. The Justice card shows everything will be fine. If you think you did not got justice, then it is simply delayed not denied. This card also comes to tell you that whatever you are doing you are doing right.


You could be dealing with many youngsters who are sharp and talented. As you play the role of a mentor, it makes you happy to see them achieve great heights of glory. The Page of Swords shows the presence of such individuals. Death card shows you are going to see big changes in your life and these while being transformational, can be difficult too. Adjusting to new situations can be tiring. The new has to replace the old.


Either someone close to you – probably your partner is getting ready to get formal education and further learning. You yourself are learning a couple of things about life in general and also specific areas. The High Priestess shows that the future is all about learning and knowledge. There could be travel involved to achieve this. The Lovers card shows that you are committed for a long time and this is something very important to you.


You would like things to be a particular way. Unrealistic expectations will likely make you disappointed. The Seven of Cups shows the mirage money and material goods are mere illusions of happiness. The Chariot tells you that when the right things happen for you and they will, that is when you will feel fulfilled. These may be very far from what you have in mind, but they will be exactly what you need right now.


Perhaps this is the time to feel carefree and go on random trips that will lift your spirits. The burdens are few and the time is plenty. The Fool card comes to tells you to step back and look at things in perspective. Caution must be exercised against impulsive behaviour and actions. The Six of Pentacles advices you to do a lot of charity as you are in a position to help those in need.


Things are really crystal clear and you are on a path of great success and landmarks that will make other laud and appreciate all that you do. The Ace of Swords shows a person with a goal and the drive to see everything through. The King of Wands draws attention to the presence of a strong individual who is like a guide and mentor and also equally ambitious and result oriented when it comes to work.

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