Tarot on the cards

Tarot on the cards


Be prepared for major changes that are coming your way- this could be the transformation that you were waiting for. Go with the flow and you will see realise your potential in handling things. The Tower is an indication of all this while the Seven of Swords indicate that you overthink and evade situations. This will be of no help as facing situations will help you become stronger.

20 APRIL – 21 MAY

In many ways this is the time for introspection and review of things that you have been blessed with and to acknowledge that life is not as bad as per the Judgement card. The Five of Pentacles tells you that you need not worry about money. Try to get out of the mindset that you are bankrupt and be thankful that you have things wrapped in abundance.

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

There could be a situation where there could be a triangle- this could be in a marriage, a business partnership or in any binding contract or collaboration. This also means that there will be three different opinions and the onus is on you to decide which is the best. The Three of Swords means a clinical mindset which helps in monetary dealings. You need to trust that whatever happens happens for good.

21 JUNE – 23 JULY

Juggling with finances seems to be the main focus in the coming days and you will find yourself trying to balance out the expenses in the best possible ways . This could be difficult at times as you will continue to put your best foot forward in terms of work. The Two of Pentacles is an indication of all this while the Two of Cups brings harmony and warmth to your important relationships especially if it’s a romantic one.


Right now, you are bustling with work-related ideas when it comes to work . The Eight of Wands shows multiple areas that you are capable of proving yourself and how you stand out from others. The Emperor card shows how you value the presence of an alpha male companion in your life who could be your mentor and is your go-to person. While you respect that person you do not give them much space to guide you effectively.


The days ahead are filled with a sense of comfort and a feeling of being taken care of as you have a strong person who guides, mentors and protects you. This self-assurance helps you feel secure. The Six of Cups brings a lot of attention towards you with people and will insist you to socialise with them. This will bring you gifts and other heartwarming things, even gestures that will make you feel wanted and loved.


Having too many expectations about life and things around it will only bring disappointment and frustration. The Seven of Cups shows you want the world under your feet and with perfection. It is better if you start accepting things as they are. The Queen of Cups shows you struggling to keep your emotions in check, but you somehow manage to do that because you are strong and ready to rise above challenges.


Be prepared to attract abundance and changes that come along with it. You could find relationships changing – people moving away and new ones coming into your life. This shifting will bring its own set of reactions and perceptions. The Tower shows that there will be a huge financial change. Also because the Ten of Pentacles brings with it plenty of fortunes – some of it could be from family connections or from the workplace.


This could be a tough phase emotionally. You will feel frustrated and hostile to people around you. The Queen of Cups shows women especially will find it difficult to remain above things that bother them and have a tiny margin to remain indifferent to cope with. The Temperance card tells you that you need to have patience as this is just a phase and it will pass. Tell yourself that this too shall pass.


The Five of Cups shows you are not in any mood to see the good in your life as you feel alone and refrain from socialising. The Five of Cups brings a bit of gloom even when there is really not a big cause for concern. Embrace nature to elevate your mood. The Ace of Wands shows success is around the corner. You will be celebrated for your competent nature and skills.


After a short period of stress and hostility, you are now ready to move on- the Seven of Wands shows that you are setting things right one after the other to create a happy family and home environment. Work is not the priority right now as indicated by the Ten of Cups. All you want now is peace and a good personal life where you spend time with your loved ones. As long as you keep it this way you are on a good wicket physically and mentally.

18 FEB– 20 MARCH

If you are wondering how to make more money and be able to manage your finances, you will need to think out of the box so that you come up with things that redefine trends and are up-to-date. The Hanged Man is indicative of that. Meanwhile, there is enough savings in your account according to the Seven of Pentacles. Of course, you could do better but right now you don’t have to worry.

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