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Tarot - On the Cards

THIS week let us focus on the Hoponopono (forgiveness) technique that has worked beautifully and continues to work in all stubborn cases of difficulties and trials.

Tarot - On the Cards
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This is a Hawaiian ‘conflict resolution’ and ‘correcting the mistake technique’ and works on the memories of programmes that we carry in the subconscious, cleaning and erasing all those memories that do not have to do with our souls, our missions and our purpose. All these memories are also our limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious from childhood and they somehow influence our decisions and lives and do not allow us to live in joy and contentment. Practicing this daily and constantly, helps clear those memories and make room to co-create new ones.

It is very simple. All you have to do is to say:
Thank you
I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
These four statements can be repeated constantly to no one or nothing in particular / or if there is a conflict or bad situation direct these to those situations. Do try it.


The Emperor card tells you that all is in order. There is help protection and the influence of a powerful individual for whom action speaks louder than words and also set the boundaries for things you own and restore order after perhaps a time of conflict and differing opinions. This also could mean that there is a person in your life who is either a husband, partner, father or father figure who will provide mentorship and guidance. The card further tells you that you either provide strong leadership or are under the influence of someone like that. The Three of Cups shows celebrations, good times and fun with friends and family and if single you could really be living it up right now. If there is marriage (in some cases) there could be a third angle so look out for that.


The Moon card is asking you what is it that you really want? And this can be difficult for you. Because you are not sure about that and you feel you are unable to see a clear picture about how life ought to be. So take time to listen to your inner voice and do not give in to pressure to make decisions especially if it involves money. Intuition rather than reason will show you the way. You could be questioning your ambition, and even money may not be enough to persuade you to stay where you are. This is also probably a time when you are becoming more sensitive to emotions and refining your intuition. The Justice card shows that most things will go your way, especially important decisions.


Right now, there are generous supportive people in your life who will make things easier and handle all the tough situations. These are like leaders and mentors and you will feel the load a lot less. There is good cash flow and most of your problems will be solved. This kind of person – the King of Pentacles- will be very practical which makes things easier to deal with. However, do watch out for dishonesty, financial mismanagement and domestic disputes. The fact that financially this is a good week should be giving you cheer and security. The Knight of Pentacles shows that consistent efforts bring rewards and also helps to make your relationships steady too.


If you are facing some issues and not finding a way out of them then it is time to look at things in another way. Apart from this there are bound to be delays that are frustrating and you waiting for things to change can be most annoying. However, it also gives you a chance to see things from a different perspective and will help devise a new creative way forward. You could also be making sacrifices to be able to move on. In case you feel projects and house moves are postponed you keep making plans rather than feel stuck. On the relationship front, you could decide to take a break to see if it has any future at all or not.


The Seven of Swords often turns up when you need to guard properties. It asks you to be careful whom you trust right now. There is pressure and opposition and also a sense of being forced to play someone else’s game. You need to watch out for this and work on your strategy. The card is also indicative of secretive behaviour and the mind will be buzzing but no one will even have a clue of how you are thinking. Such strategical thinking is usually the hallmark of a master planner. The King of Wands shows that there is this ambitious person who leads the way. You also do this because this leaves you to do your own planning and focus on things you wish to achieve.


You could be working with a lot of young ambitious and trendy people – the Page of Wands suggests that there will be many opportunities that will come your way and you will come across as very smart and perhaps a bit aggressive kinds of people who will have fresh ideas and the fire to achieve things. There could be some disappointing news about travel, new projects and work opportunities. However, the Eight of Wands shows that it is action time and you should go fully with your plans without wondering how they will all work out. There are chances that you could be misunderstood so be careful about your intentions. Do double check all aspects of contracts if any and other promises being made.


The Ten of Swords shows that there could be sudden endings that will be transformative because it heralds better things ahead. Probably the life you know will change to something so much better that you will wonder how you even settled for the life you had. However, any change can be disturbing but you will see the advantages of it. You will notice that your situation is so much clearer and easier. The Two of Swords shows that you will be presented with two options and will have to debate on what works best for you. The good thing is that you are given choices unlike somewhere there are no choices.


It is time for new experiences, travel, creative projects or even doing an additional course. Anything that will broaden your horizons so be inspired. There could be communication problems and misunderstandings along with delays and blocks to your plans but don’t get disheartened by all that. You will surely be able to transcend all those things. The Three of Wands is indicative of that. The King of Swords comes to reassure that your problems will be solved one way or the other. There is a return to order ad for decisions to go your way. You are supported by a rather strong mentor-like person who is also ambitious and will inspire you. This person (if it is not yourself) will provide you mental stimulation to be able to get more creative.


You work hard to get where you are currently – and in all this time you have gained valuable experience and qualifications. You have also paid great attention to details and that has paid off when it comes to garnering the money factor. Meantime the Justice card ensures that decisions will go in your favour so hang in there. There is a situation if difficult will be resolved to end a time of uncertainty. This card often shows the end of a legal matter but in general shows balance and harmony are restored. You will also find ways to spend more time with loved ones and enjoy a better work-life balance. The Death card asks you to let go and embrace transformation and change.


You have success and victory to look forward to that is truly well deserved along with others endorsing all that you have achieved and acquired. The Six of Wands also asks you to reign in egoism and talking for the sake of doing so. Measure your words and ensure that you impact people with your knowledge and purpose. You will also find yourself going on journeys looking for better opportunities and collaborations. The Two of Cups, therefore, shows an equal meeting of minds and hearts and these collaborations can be of the nature of work and personal matters. You could meet your true partner if single and if already committed it is a time of renewed partnerships.


When the Emperor comes in a spread of three cards it means that all is in order even if you feel they are not. There is help protection and the influence of a powerful individual for whom action will speak louder than words. It also shows strong leadership promotion and success and your divine guides will protect you. This could be characteristics of you yourself or someone like this in your life. Then there is the Queen of Swords that shows that you are no pushover either and there is strength in this combination of the King and the Queen. The Queen of Swords is a warrior as this is a time to be independent and rely on your wits.


You could be feeling overwhelmed by emotions and the day-to-day work that could bog you down. The Queen of Cups shows you are struggling with multiple emotions which you are trying very hard to keep under control. But it is also a time for giving and receiving love and give expression to your creativity. You are a nurturing person and that will show up predominantly at this time. However, there could be issues with motherhood or mother figures, and you feel you are missing the support you need. This could cause you to speak hurtful words. The Knight of Swords shows there is conflict ahead, but it is not all bad.

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