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Tarot - On the Cards

This week there are some switch words for good health and used with faith and consistency to work towards achieving the goal.

Tarot - On the Cards
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These are not a substitute for proper medical attention should it be required but rather are like prayers that need full faith and regularity. They are simple and easy to remember. Chant them for a minimum of 28 times and the upper limit is any number that feels comfortable. Chanting switchwords can help improve the immune system and the more one chants the more the subconscious will work on this part. Basically chanting gives a hidden command to your subconscious mind to work in a way of becoming healthy. So your daily habits will start changing slowly which is a major cause of improvements. 

Full- Immunity-Be-Infinity. 


TOGETHER is a master switchword that helps master any activity or work by joining all efforts at one place. 

CHANGE helps to get something out of your scope or eye. Combining these two can help to get rid of ailments thanks to the power of the subconscious. 


This is helpful not only to improve mental health but also boost mood. 


This switchword comprises three very powerful switchwords which make it powerful to achieve good health.


Much as you would like to be carefree and without any bonds or bondages and traverse the world as a free soul this is not possible now or anytime soon. Because the flip side of this is that you could be falling down the metaphorical precipice that has unknown discomforts and situations. The Fool card is a lovely card to get under normal circumstances- but now not really. However, this is a time when you could possibly get yourself a pet if you are inclined so that you are filled with tender emotions brought about by saying dogs or cats. The Three of Swords shows a mindset that thinks with the head and not through the heart – which means that you will understand that now is not the time to go traipsing all over.


Regardless of how you perceive yourself, the fact is that you are highly regarded and appreciated. This happens like stars who don’t even know who follow them and are so admired. The Star card is proof of that and no matter which area or field or circumstances you are in there will be admiration, respect and great affection for you all around. And this applies more to females because the time to shine is now. The Queen of Pentacles points out the economic abundance and prosperity you enjoy. You support several people and also are the backbone of all their living conditions. You are a nurturer and someone with a lot of empathy and kindness. The Ace of Swords shows great clarity of purpose and about what you seek out of life.


There is togetherness between partners and associates which is indicated by the Two of Cups. So essentially this is a nice time for those who seek company and are already in relationships. This also means that there could be new alliances and weddings, engagements and collaborations forged in a good manner that enhances the path to long-term commitments. The Knight of Cups in some way endorses what the Two of Cups is indicating – in that there could be new entrants in the family and in business ventures where there is enterprise, initiative and new ideas that will take on new horizons both in terms of emotions and the practicality of success.


A lot of loneliness and self-isolation are indicated- this need not be in the physical realm but in the way you think. The Eight of Cups shows a propensity to shun society and all things associated with it despite nothing essentially being wrong in the way it is treating you or in the way things pan out. Of course, if there is enough money to go around there is no reason why you need to be part of the rat race and somewhere you seem to have built up a tidy sum to see you through the present. The Seven of Pentacles shows that you have worked hard to be in this state, so the rewards are there and you need to see what lies ahead for you in terms of work.


Not only are you being feted and appreciated but you are also being made to feel special especially by the younger lot who value and appreciate what you truly are. The Six of Cups shows a lot of affection and admiration being directed towards you for all the things you do and have achieved till now. The Six of Cups is also a happy card that shows the fulfillment of sorts in the areas of well-being, safety and other important emotions right now. The Magician has everything within but how all the skills and advantages are used is key. So it is up to you to figure this part out and see how to work with all the pluses that you possess.


Youngsters are the key to this week’s sense of well-being – if they are okay and fine and occupied usefully you are good to go and in a state of near contentment. The Page of Pentacles is an indication that this could be the way it will head. The Page is also indicative of new ventures that could be monetarily rewarding. The Three of Cups shows a rather peaceful time and also a time of being in a good zone mood-wise. The pressures are off and you could be enjoying a lot of things on your own. There are possibilities of celebrations of some sort albeit quiet and in a subdued manner. The Nine of Swords shows a feeling of underlying frustration and depression despite things being reasonably alright. 


Wanting a happy family, your own space and life are not unreasonable things, but the timing is such that you might have to wait before you get all of this. The Four of Wands is an indication that all that you are seeking will come but the time frame is still hazy because in infinity time and space don’t have much meaning. The card is also an indication that right where you are is also a good space to be in, so being appreciative of all that is indeed a good way to start for now. This is being said because the tendency is to want perfection here and now and that is probably not going to happen.


You pin all your hopes on the younger lot in the family- their aspirations, projects, work and relationships and you are in a position to offer unconditional support and encouragement. The Six of Wands shows travel- perhaps virtually at this time- moving ahead in new directions and seeking solace in different things than what you have been used to. For those who are artists and creative people, this could be the moving to a virtual space to do things you were doing physically on the ground earlier. The Five of Cups however does not allow you to feel fully satisfied and fulfilled with the way things are panning out. You want to go back to how things were, and this makes you overlook the good parts of what is there now.


You are in the limelight in the days to come as the Sun card is showing up after a period of doom and gloom. The Sun card is significant in terms of family growth, children and success in the major areas of your life. It also shows new directions and changes for the better in lifestyle and living arrangements. You will see a lot of attention on yourself in the next few days or possibly weeks. That said the Five of Wands shows that there are many things that you are at odds with. There is hostility from some quarters at work and also when it comes to important relationships. There is this state of affairs when it comes to workload and ambitions you have which may or may not coincide with what you believe in.


You could be debating between options – and the good thing is that you have them. It is not as if you don’t have any other choice and have to do things just one particular way. You have choices and that will mostly be in the area of finance and its spending. The Two of Pentacles shows that you may in the process of deciding what project to work on or what to invest in. This could also relate to some overseas options. The Two of Wands brings this connection closer because what you have to offer in terms of skills and talents will be of great use beyond the shores of where you live. If you have been looking at collaborations, then this is a time to review your options.


Work is going well and there is recognition and appreciation from your colleagues and superiors if any. The Ace of Wands shows a great deal of success in what you do and there is plenty of recognition that is being afforded to you right now. This also shows that you are the leader in this field and you are the best that anyone can get when it comes to doing what you do. You can afford to bask in the glory that hard work has produced so far. The King of Swords indicates the presence of a strong male individual who is not only a mentor but also could be a life partner. This is someone who is very clear about all things that concern you.


Be prepared for big changes in your life – and they are all good. The Tower gives that indication and if you have been leading an orderly structured sort of life then this will change to take you to the next level of understanding your life and your own goals. The Nine of Pentacles tells you that you are in a good space financially and this will allow you to remain on top of things and also be someone strong to contend with. You can afford to indulge in luxuries as you have really worked hard. The Ace of Pentacles endorses this view because it shows prosperity and a good run of wins.

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