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Tarot - On the Cards

This week let us touch upon repeating numbers. Numbers you constantly see or come in combinations. What could they mean? They are actually messages from the other world beings who support and help human beings in their journey of life.

Tarot - On the Cards
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The Week Ahead February 21 - 27

Here are some of the most repeated ones. See if they resonate.

111: When you see this number stop and look at yourself. Take note of where you are what you are doing and who you are with. It is a wakeup call from the universe. When you see this number do not let people suck the energy out of you. 
222: Can be that the Universe is saying a particular relationship is important and you should be careful with it. Balance the give and take 
333: This is a Trinity number and it often starts coming when you need to align your mind, body and soul. If you are off-balance, then you will need to correct it. 
444: It means family and home. How are your loved ones? If you keep seeing this then you need to pay attention to your inner circle. 
555: If you see this number that means there is a momentum to move in a new direction. Make sure you are looking for new opportunities.


The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action, transition and positive news. Here is a creative force that requires your personal resolve ad attention, perhaps with regard to new opportunities that are coming your way. This is the kind of energy that lights a fire beneath you forcing you to get up and make things happen. If life has been feeling overwhelming know that a positive change is still very possible- you just need to think how you are dividing your efforts. Maybe all the pressure is getting to you because the Nine of Swords has come – reflecting inner disharmony and habitual worrying that may manifest as anxiety, insomnia. Things are not as bad as they seem so don’t be too hard on yourself. This card shows that it is important for you to stop worrying about the views.


The Five of Cups that comes as the first card of a trio, happens to be one of the more melancholy cards and often points out to moments of loss and disappointment. It shows alienation isolation and a feeling of being all alone despite other things being good and worthy. Maybe you are unable to identify the potential opportunities or support systems that surround you at this time, which could trigger negativity as you lose sight of the blessings in your life. This may also have to do with unresolved issues from the past that could be affecting your emotional or spiritual health. The Six of Cups comes to bring relief to these bruised feelings when there will be so many who will seek you out and make it seem worthwhile.


The Queen of Pentacles comes when it is time to be practical and resourceful with your plans. The building of a stable and realistic foundation where you will have to see what steps you will take to remain healthy happy and secure in life. You must also remember to be kind and compassionate to others because the Queen is also a symbol of nurturing and strength. The Eight of Cups represents a soul-searching journey during which you eventually feel the need to leave something behind. This could be triggered from a place of inner restlessness or unhappiness and marks a time of transition deliverance or coming to terms with the burdens of your life. Letting go is often necessary for change.


The Lovers card indicates that an important relationship may be present in your life or near future – could be a deep platonic friendship or romantic love. The choices you make may however greatly affect your future, so it is important to think them through carefully. The Six of Swords often shows up during times of transition and change. These might involve a move, travel or upcoming events that mark new opportunities. This card also highlights the need to let go of something or some kind of sacrifice that must take place to move forward. This could be a difficult choice to make but it is a transitory phase and you will benefit in the long run.

LEO (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST) 

So those born under this sign, The Tower card brings about a period of complete or sudden change. You may experience a sense of insecurity or loss- as if your world has been flipped upside down. The Tower encourages you to examine old patterns or systems of belief leading to fresh perspectives that are transformational and positive in the long run. This card also indicates a breakthrough in consciousness which allows you to realize that your personal growth lies in freeing yourself from unnecessary burdens of your life. So, The Devil asks you what is holding you back? You may already know that, but you have not found it suitable to articulate it.


One of the most joyful and harmonious cards in the tarot deck, the Nine of Cups shows a time of satisfaction and peace on the horizon. It highlights the fulfilled wishes, desires happiness and positive energies that surround you at this time. This will leave you with a sense of stability and strength, but you are also cautioned to understand that this blessing will not be permanent so relish its magic while it is there. It is time to enjoy life’s pleasures. The Two of Swords shows that you could be at crossroads and you will need to find a balance between two or more opposing factors in your life. When this card shows up, we experience some sort of difficulty in making a concrete plan or decision about something.


The Ten of Swords indicates the end of a cycle and a new beginning. To continue along a path toward newfound enlightenment some kind of sacrifice or internal release may be needed. This card can appear when there some traumatic or unexpected challenges. You could be feeling betrayed or hurt but despite the hardships and heartaches a new phase or beginning will transpire. The Ace of Swords cuts through all illusions seeking out the truth reason and objectivity. It also shows heightened mental clarity and marks the emergence of great determination to reach goals successfully. It also signifies a new beginning project plan or vision.


The Judgement card is about understanding your Inner Divine Intelligence and you may want to look back on the choices made and identify the lessons you have learned, with each step advancing you towards a higher awareness of who you are at the soul level. No more fears, doubts and self-judgments. This is a time for transformation; this is the entry point of where you will go from here. The World card has come a full circle as you enter a period of resolution and enlightenment. This is the culmination of all your efforts and hard work, so it is time to acknowledge and celebrate all of your accomplishments. Again comes the message that a new stage of your journey now begins. You will also see all the things that you have wished for and you will be in a position to enjoy it all.


Now is the time when you will reach a state of accomplishment after all of your hard work and with your insight you will understand the steps you need to take to maintain the momentum of your success. That is what the Three of Pentacles shows and also that it is a card that shows great skill, passion and the manifestation of your creative projects either through your own efforts or with the help of another person or group of individuals. There is a lot you could give to your plans. The Hanged Man comes to tell you that now might be a good time to pause and review all the plans. If for some reason you are standing on crossroads take this time to fully absorb the directions of options that are being presented to you.


The Five of Wands tends to show up when there is some kind of a struggle occurring in your life. Whether you feel you must stick up for yourself or when there are surrounding ideas or values that clash with our own. This could also signify challenges within yourself that you are having to work through. This could put you in an aggressive frame of mind so be careful with what you say and do. It also could be that you are competing with some others who are equally ambitious so the stress will build up. However, the Ten of Cups is a happy omen to get. It signifies great happiness in all areas of family relationships friendship and love and asks you to make the most of what life has to offer.


The Ten of Swords could come during difficult life challenges that are traumatic, or unexpected and can also be an indication of lying and deceit on the part of someone else with the hurtful outcome of being betrayed. However, know that despite the hardships a new phase or beginning will transpire. By processing and releasing this phase of your life, you will learn to move forward with great strength. And this is confirmed with the appearance of the Six of Cups where it shows a lot of positivity and many good things coming your way. It also reflects a time of relaxation and success after finally emerging from a stressful situation and highlights the self-confidence of speaking your truth.


Although you could have reached a good state of success it might be a good time to take a closer look at the priorities you have. Are you spending too much time focusing on personal affluence or materialistic things? You definitely need to take pride in all that you have achieved but do not let the illusion of physical wealth get in the way of who you really are. The Four of Pentacles can also reflect a hoarding or negative attachment that stunts personal growth or change. The King of Pentacles tells you to look to the future with a clear vision and move forward with self-determination and discipline.

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