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Tarot - On the cards

This week let us focus on the practice advocated by a Hawaiian psychotherapist, who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending any time with them.

Tarot - On the cards
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It really happened! The therapist, Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len instead of the typical process of reviewing each patients’ files, and then meeting with them in person, focused on healing them. Sound like a miracle? It was, but one performed with conscious effort using the right tools. Dr Len used Ho’oponopono, what he calls Self Identit Through Ho’oponopono (SITH).Practise of this brings results nothing short of miraculous. And how does it work? In just four easy steps.

Repentance – JUST SAY: I’M
The first step is to realise that you are responsible for everything in your mind, even if it seems to be “outside” of you. Once you accept that, it’s very natural to feel sorry. Over-weight? Addicted to nicotine, alcohol or some other substance? Do you have anger or self-esteem issues? Health problems? Start there and say you’re sorry. Just say I’M SORRY.

Ask Forgiveness – SAY: PLEASE
Don’t worry about who you’re asking. Just ask! PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Say it over and over. Mean it.

Gratitude – SAY: THANK YOU
Say “THANK YOU” – again it doesn’t really
matter who or what you’re thanking. Just keep saying THANK YOU.

This can also be step 1. Say I LOVE YOU. Say it to your body, say it to the divine or anything you trust and believe in. Say I LOVE YOU to challenges. Say it over and over. Just say I LOVE YOU and mean it. Do try it and see how it will change your life and your relationships with everything!



This is a week where there will be domination and guidance from those in power and those in control of business and family affairs. The Emperor suggests that this leadership that will make itself known in your daily dealings is in the big picture something good but the immediacy of bowing to the wishes of those in command can be quite annoying and frustrating. The Emperor also suggests that there are likely to be situations where this guidance can be invaluable. So it amounts to things coming with a price. This will particularly annoy those in the younger age group who will feel some of these ideas and dikat are outdated but one will have to follow simply because respect and adherence to family values are paramount as you will see.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY

The appearance of the Devil card shows that there is a lot of stored accumulated power you have right now that you are not using. It also could speak of your justifiable resentments you have not expressed building up inside of you. You therefore will need to set boundaries on what you will tolerate and if people are being unfair or unreasonable right now in any way say so. If you wait too long to release the pressure you could spoil your health and or end up being angry with the wrong person or even become depressed. The Justice card shows that it is about fairness in life and you will also need to weigh both sides of an argument before making a decision. Also, remain impartial and don’t play favourites with a family member.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE

The King of Swords suggests that there is an authority figure a champion of truth justice and impartiality who will not be swayed by fear or favour. And this kind of person could be you or someone very close to you. His influence will be certain in the week ahead and in all matters of finance, legal affairs and other important aspects of the business. This is a person who will not stand for any kind of corruption. That leads to The Tower which shows changes in lifestyle, in fact, life itself. There could be some tightening measures when it comes to money and there will be things that will not remain the same. The Tower is also a good card to show shifting priorities in life. Much needed.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY

For many of you, this can be a bit of a turbulent week with a lot of ups and downs. The Queen of Cups suggests that this can apply more to the women of this sign than the men. There are things you could be struggling to keep above waters so try to go with the flow and accept what comes without resistance. The Queen of Cups also shows that there are possibilities of being surrounded by emotional women who will make things seem far more tragic than they are. But this is not to be trivialized because sometimes that pain can be very intense. The Hermit card brings about a sense of isolation and alienation, but it also means that you will be following your path.



You could be feeling generous and charitable around this week as you feel you need to do your bit for those less of and that you would like to do that quietly. The Six of Pentacles suggests that you are most likely to help others either through kind or money and you will feel that is your contribution to alleviating some bad times for those you will choose to give. It could be to some temple or a cause – if you can do that without anyone knowing it will be good. Death card comes to show that be prepared for some major changes and reconstruction of life as you know it. Not necessarily bad, but any change can shift things from places you have grown close to.



The Seven of Swords comes to show that you need to watch out for double-dealings by those around you. If you have finance, property or other disputes ensure you are well represented. If you have business dealings going wrong, you will recoup no doubt but ensure the losses are minimum. This card also shows your desire to remove yourself from the scene of action. This could be because of disgust or fear. Nothing however can be achieved if you remove yourself from things so do not go down that route. The Seven of Wands shows the self-inflicting doubts that rage within you. This includes your work as well as your sense of well-being. There is a lot of fire within you to make things happen but most times you are at odds with it all.



The Five of Wands comes to show a time when you need to fight for what you want, whether it is a promotion at work or success in a competitive endeavour or in a creative or artistic field. You have to fight for your identity especially if it is being eroded by the demands of others. If work is over competitive, please do look elsewhere or go it alone. The Queen of Wands shows a fiery creative queen inspiring and full of ideas. She is an inspiring mother and partner and is naturally innovative needing a stimulating career and likes to be her own boss. However, for her fulfillment is more important than money but she lacks patience and believes she is always right.



The Hanged Man comes to tell you that it is time to let go of the fears and restrictions you place on yourself and surrender to life. Let go of destructive relationships draining careers and other emotional vampires when you feel you cannot survive without them or are responsible for their well-being. If you struggling to quit bad habits phobias etc. Take it one day at a time and you will be free sooner than you think. Also, this card says that if you sacrifice yourself for an unworthy cause or keep giving an unreliable or unworthy person chance after chance it is time to stop. That said the Ace of Pentacles shows how much you can do with your energies and bring abundance to your life. You will find new directions and worthy ones no less to bring money name and a degree of fame.



Four of Cups? Well, are you not looking where you should be? For opportunities, gifts, people and other good things in life? This card is an indication that a lot of stuff could be right before your nose, but you will miss it or tend to overlook it thinking this is not the one. But this is what it is so you would do well to take what is being given to you by the universe and accept it with grace. The Six of Swords shows a great deal of togetherness you have or wish to have with your partner. This applies more if you are a male subject than a female. It also shows that calmer happier times are ahead after a long period of unrest and uncertainty or sometimes great efforts to get something done.



The Four of Pentacles is an example of caution versus taking a chance. This represents living a happy enough life, but it may be that by taking a chance on investing in something that would bring you fulfillment rather than the financial return you will find joy now. It is also a family card so spending money on leisure or pleasure would be a good thing. It can also indicate that you are staying in a relationship or job for security, but it could be at the cost of your personal freedom. The Knight of Swords shows that there could be a person in your life who is totally single-minded in goals and it could mean that others must get out of the way or get hurt.



A person in your life a charismatic somewhat unreliable Knight of Wands constantly changes course for new n ever more exciting perilous quests. A great speculator and great talker this person achieves success early but sometimes loses it just as fast and then makes it again. This card also represents the desire to travel and if necessary shed commitments that are burdensome. The Page of Pentacles on the positive side heralds a new financial beginning after a setback and also someone who is very hard working. This can be a setback as they don’t know when to stop. The Devil shows how you are feeling bound to certain relationships that drain you.



After a difficult time or setback cut through doubts and fears start again and overcome any obstacles- this is what the Ace of Swords is saying. This is a time for learning or retraining. Think things through clearly and calmly and also if necessary, confront negative people and less than honest situations head-on without compromising your integrity. However, you might find that difficult – the calm bit- because the Four of Swords shows that you will tend to be aggrieved and forceful which will definitely quell your opponents but will also cause a lot of heartache for them which could last for a long time.

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