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Tarot- On the cards

This week, let us focus on simple words that are easy to remember and put into practice. Use them for various things and they are also effective when done with faith and consistency.

Tarot- On the cards
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Here are some combinations to work with for abundance: FIND-HOLE 

July 5-July 11

  • To be confident on the path being travelled: ANCHOR -POINT.
  • To be healthy- ANCHOR-POINT.
  • To be in touch with the self- LISTEN-UP.
  • To breathe easier- CRYSTAL -CLEAR.
  • Clear your mind and relax: QUIET -CRYSTAL.
  • Come together in body, mind and spirit: GATHER -TOGETHER.
  • For cold and flu- LIMIT- GUARD.
  • To cook tasty food- CHARM -LIGHT.
  • To feel good physically: DIVINE-CHANGE.
  • To find lost things- CRYSTAL -REACH
  • Forgiveness and love- FORGIVE-LOVE.
  • To get energized: UP-MOVE.
  • Attain goals: PERSONAL -WATCH.
  • Set goals: LISTEN -CARE.
The debate will be in your mind about how to use the available finances with you — the Two of Pentacles will bring this to the fore. You will be going back and forth preparing for changes and trying to adapt to things you may not have looked at spending on before. The Four of Cups shows that even though solutions are very close you have difficulty in seeing them and adopting them with ease. This also brings the mutinous side of personality to the fore and you will be in a mood to dig your heels in and not look beyond your nose. This can be annoying and difficult for those around you. Judgement card comes telling you that the focus should be on gratitude for the things already there and the kind of life you are leading – this being good compared to those who are having a worse off time. Everything points to the fact that in life there are always moments when things won’t be the way you want.
The clarity that youngsters in your life have is something to be admired-however how they go about achieving this will make things feel being in a vacuum and a feeling of nowhere to be able to move. The Page of Swords shows that the clarity of thought and purpose are well etched out, but the path seems somewhat hidden. The Five of Wands brings this element to the fore and you will also beat odds with the differing interests you have with not many avenues to realise them. This is temporary and you will find things opening out eventually. Also when more than two people are involved in a venture there is likely to be friction,and this will drag you down. There is hope however as the Ace of Cups shows that you will be able to get past the emotional roller coaster and bring back the focus to things that matter. There will be peace offerings making deals good.
If you have youngsters who are on the path of doing unique things and literally conquering the world, then you have much to celebrate because they will be doing things you might have wanted in your heyday – but that said there is no reason to believe that you too will be making a difference right now and right here. The fire of ambitions runs deeply, and the Six of Wands confirms that there is still much you can achieve with your skills. This requires a clear head and a conscious decision to be able to move forward so that you will hit the nail on the head. The Three of Swords shows that now is the time to think with your head and ensure you get results. Easily said than done because the Ten of Swords brings the element of uncertainty and will make you frustrated and in believing that you are unable to do anything now.
You could be surrounded by people but will still feel like you are on your own. This is not a bad feeling but one that will have you by yourself more often than not. The Cancerian is one who likes the company and enjoys being with people but right now you are denied this comfort and circumstance. The Hermit shows that however much you will feel like this there is always the hand of The Divine around you and there is company albeit invisible. The Ace of Swords shows that you are ready to take the world on and do what you are itching to — prove your talents and worth to the world and to that extent you are preparing to launch into your work with renewed zeal. And you are most likely to rise above all the odds to achieve this. The World is confirmation of this way ahead.
There will be moments when you will feel that what you want to do and achieve face some really uncertain outcomes. The Hanged Man shows that everything you wish for and want to do are trickier than they look. A simple thing will go out of its way to become complicated and will wait for a novel solution to be able to resolve. So basically, what is happening is that your brains are being put to good use to come up with things you may not even have thought of. So think out of the box for even common issues. The Page of Cups shows a lot of energy going towards the young ones in the family and their work and dreams and aspirations. And they will be full of it even if they are not able to move as fast as they would like. Through all this, the concentration is on having happiness and harmony on the home front.

There will be temptations to keep looking at the savings you have and wonder if you have enough. There probably is but there will always be a niggling thought that you could do so much better. The Seven of Pentacles shows a preoccupation with money matters and that is a dominant thing this week. However, the Seven of Wands brings to the fore the fact that you are at odds with yourself especially when it comes to your work and ambitions. You want a lot out of what you do but right now you don’t know how to go about it. Therefore, you will start looking at ways and means to get the current generation on board so that you can at some point hand over the reigns to them. The Page of Wands shows that those in the younger age group will be moving ahead very fast with all their ideas and creative inputs.

The time has come when you are focusing a lot on your ambitions and work, so the outcome is good- you have many ideas and plans for the future and all of them are ripe for fruition. The Eight of Wands shows multiple ideas for growth and you are in the process of working on almost all of them to be able to get to a point where you wish to be. The Nine of Cups sees you in a happy state knowing deep down that things will move soon. You are in a good space comfort wise and home life, but you would like work to also fall into place. The Queen of Pentacles shows that the previous two cards come to show you the outcome that you will soon be top of things if you already are not. There will be more control over things - more money and work that will make you feel productive and in a commanding position.
Self-limiting beliefs and patterns could make you feel like you are trapped. It is time to change your mind set and move in a direction never attempted before. If you are going to tie yourself up in knots then only you can untie yourself. If you have been doing things in a particular way all this time it is now time to take another direction and assert yourself as someone who does know the mind and its potential. The Eight of Swords shows that you do know that you want to break away from old patterns but you keep procrastinating and postponing this aspect till it takes away from the strong and leader-like person that you actually are. It is time to let the world know your talents. And this is only in your hands! The Queen of Swords is an indication of that. You have clarity, decision-making powers and you know when to strike.

Three things are indicated for the week ahead- work related ambitions, emotional women around you and a big change that will bring new things into your life.  The Nine of Wands shows that work-related aspirations will be in full swing in your mind and you will he working very hard on these things with a tenacity that is bound to bring in the results. The Queen of Wands on the other hand brings to the fore a lot of female energies that will sometimes clash with your ambitions and work and also at the personal level when you will have to deal with it in the best manner possible. The card Death brings with it a change in circumstances and while it will be uncomfortable and challenging, this is the next step forward.
Happy family circumstances, new avenues and paths and strong relationships are the highlights of the week ahead. The Ten of Cups brings with it a sense of happy family environment where all those with you will be in relative harmony and happiness and this will make your foundation good and strong for other things to fall into place. The Knight of Pentacles shows new directions and work-related paths. You will be following up on new trends and ideas and work on them to make yourself relevant and inventive in today’s challenges and expectations. The Lovers card brings with it a renewing of existing relationships and for those not yet in a committed one are likely to find their life partners.
The urge to be carefree and take the car out of a long spin will be strong- however, there is no such thing to be done at this time. The Fool shows that the tendency to be foolhardy and impulsive will be strong this week but you will have to curb such feelings till it is safe for you to venture out. The Knight of Swords shows that the young ones in your life will have a fighting spirit to rectify things and change the world and in their zeal to do that will go on the warpath. For instance, they will want to part of protests, rallies and marches and it is best to let them do their thing. The Knight also shows that they are on the warpath about ideals and the rights and wrongs of the world and since they are the inheritors of this it is best for them to take a call of whether they should be part of it or not. The Four of Pentacles brings the financial part to the fore.
For those born under this sign, these are the things that will make their week- the support and mentorship of a strong leader like males who will make it very fruitful when it comes to dealing with any situation and that is indicated by The Emperor, who will ensure that you are protected and taken care of. The Ace of Pentacles meanwhile, brings success and a sense of achievement for all the things you have done and not had acknowledgment in the past. But The Moon card shows that your mind will be under duress because it will make your moods go up and down and you will need to be careful not to let it rule your actions. The Moon also brings with it inputs from others who will give you their side of stories which need not be your thing.

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