Divine energies of full moon

The full moon is considered to be the most powerful of all lunar phases. The moon while reigning over the world, glows its full splendour and reinvigorates its energy to all those willing to look up and transform themselves.
Divine energies of full moon

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When the full moon illuminates the sky, it is a magnificent time to embrace the lunar energy and enhance your healing crystals with the patronage of healing spells and rituals. Kuhoo Gupta, Founder of "The K junction" sheds some light on how to go about it.
The full moon is considered to be the most powerful of all lunar phases. The moon while reigning over the world, glows its full splendour and reinvigorates its energy to all those willing to look up and transform themselves. Crystals are known to be the "wisdom keepers of the earth", and the full moon governs the power of "divine energies" which is a source of amplification, subconscious power & illumination.
This divine energy possesses the power to enliven the crystals by charging them with its radiance. Since ancient times, crystals have been used to store energy received from the surrounding environment to enhance emotional and spiritual balance. They have the unique ability to absorb and hold the enchanting energies, both positive and negative which can have a great influence in your life.
It is highly imperative to cleanse them in the light of the full moon because when the moon is at its peak, it imbibes your intentions and intuition in motion with crystals. You can use this divine energy from the moon to recharge, replenish, realign and then reconnect with your intention and cast out all negative energies by rekindling positive energies.
Thus, the full moon is considered to be phenomenal for enhancing the exceptional, spiritual power of healing crystals. To harness the divine energy from moon, it is important to sanctify the space in your home through a conscious cleaning and space clearing. Follow these easy tips: Design a sacred space
To perform your own full moon rituals, choose a space in your home, as an altar or ritual space. If it is feasible, choose an outdoor space where you can see the sky and the moon, like your terrace or backyard.
First, it is important to cleanse the space physically and energetically. To cleanse energetically, you can either smudge the space using sage or original camphor or natural incense sticks. This incorporates the air element into your ritual. Invoke the divine angels, gods and the moon energy into your sacred space. Then place your crystals in your altar and invoke the Earth element into your ritual. If you have an abalone shell or cowries, you can place them in the altar to invoke Water element into your ritual.
Gratitude rituals with a piece of paper and candles
Write down on a piece of paper all that you want to let go - it could be fears, doubts, negative energy, bad habits, grudges, unwanted thoughts etc. Write as much detail as you would like to. You can also draw "zibu symbol" of "releasing fears" and "forgiveness" on this paper to enhance the desired energetic result.
Light a candle, preferably a black candle, or if you have a black tourmaline crystal diya, it's even better. Connect with the element of fire and start reading the list you have just written in the paper. Visualize all that is not needed is being burnt in the holy fire in front of you. Meditate upon the candle for some time. Chant any mantra if you wish to. Then literally burn the paper in the candle flame and threw away the ashes.
You can also do a ritual of raising your vibrations using the energy of the moon and gratitude. Write on paper, all that you are grateful for & what you have achieved. Mentally convey gratitude to the Universe/God/Angels for these things in life.
Put this paper out in the moonlight to allow it to amplify your feelings of gratitude out and raise your vibrations. You can also put a clear quartz crystal on top of this paper and put out in the moon or add Zibu symbols of gratitude, abundance, health, universal love and joy on the paper. This will enhance your expression & energy.
Do the same exercise by writing your goals and intentions on paper to amplify it to the Universe in the same way as mentioned above for gratitude list.
It is important to clear and magnify your thoughts with these rituals before you embark upon charging your crystals.
Charge your Crystals and Harness the Moon Energy in Crystals
It is incredible to be in sync with the lunar energy & harness the divine energy it has to offer. It is like filling up the water reservoir when it rains, like making hay while the sun shines. When nature gives you this energetic advantage, it would be wise to use it for up and healing.
Step-by-step full moon ritual below to recharge your crystals
- Cleanse your crystals - gently wash them before you practice the ritual. Water from the ocean or a natural source is ideal to use. Make sure you know which crystals do not like water.
- In your sacred space burn a candle or incense stick to purify the air energy. Focus on your intention by chanting your wish out loud to attract the positive and ask for divine energy to enhance the healing energies of the Crystal. Set the intention in the crystals that all the negative energy in the crystals is being cleansed by the moon energy to be infused by its Divine energy instead.
- Place in any container and leave them in moonlight overnight in the window/terrace/outdoor/backyard from where the moonlight is visible.
- Ideal Time to perform the ritual - at the time of full moon to be checked for by local latitude timing. But anytime 24-48 hours after full moon is a good time to perform the above rituals.
- The crystals and your manifestations next morning, bring the energy closer with a closing prayer: Thank the universe and the moon for cleansing and charging your crystals. Gently take them indoors.

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