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Life’s Lessons: Be content with what you have

A wise sage walking on a street in a kingdom found a coin lying on the road.

Life’s Lessons: Be content with what you have


The sage picked it up, but since he lived a simple life, the coin was not useful to him. Hoping to find someone who may require it, the sage continued to walk with the coin in his hand. Unfortunately, he did not find anyone who needed it. 

Finally, the sage reached a resting spot to spend his night. The next morning, he woke up and was about to continue his work when he saw the king getting his troops ready for a battle with another kingdom. When the king saw the sage standing, he came to the sage to pay his respects and said, “Oh great sage, I am going to fight against another kingdom and increase my kingdom. Bless me to be victorious in the battle.” After much thinking, the sage gave the coin to the king. The king, confused and annoyed, asked, “What’s the meaning of this?” 

The sage replied,”Oh great king! I found this coin yesterday while walking in the kingdom and I wanted to give to someone who needed it, but I did not find any. Everyone were content with what they had, but the king is unsatisfied and is now getting ready for battle against another kingdom.” The King realized his mistake and gave up the planned war. 

MORAL: Don’t waste chance of enjoying what you have by yearning for other things

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