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The year 2019 is coming to an end and this week, let us look at what is ahead.
Tarot - On the cards


This is a three-card spread with some glimpses about how 2020 will pan out in a general sense. As is with everything in life, there are no guarantees about anything and everything is under the scope of manifesting what you think and feel. Remember, it is not what you say but what vibrations you set off that will bring you the life you wish for. This is a very conscious way of living when every word, thought have their energies and one must be careful about these to ensure that you don’t attract what you don’t need and want.
For 2020 to be a lucky year, full of joy and miracles chant
Aries (20 March – 20 April)
For those born under the sign of Aries, 2020 is going to good. The Ace of Cups ensures that. There will be new paths to learning and education and this is not just academic but also about life and its inconsistencies. The High Priestess shows that there is the hand of the goddess which can mean a whole lot of adapting and adjusting to situations – which is a learning of a kind and while it might be tough it’s also necessary. The Emperor who shows up provides leadership, stability and also someone who can take care of things while the going could be tough. It is also a year of great opportunities, especially, for those in the field of education and leadership. They must be firm and be sure about the directions they take. There are also chances of reaching the top when it comes to working situations.
Taurus (20 April – 21 May)

For Taureans, the year is about relationships, controlling the mind and coming across people who are wealthy and influential. The Devil shows that relationships are either becoming claustrophobic or stronger. There could also be new bonds and associations built which will give you somewhat of a hard time. Rather your mind will give you enough reasons to feel unsettled and troubled. That is the card, The Moon which almost always brings about some sort of unrest and mental stress. This is pretty much year-round. It is also a year when financially there are many breaks – this is indicated by the King of Pentacles which will bring money in plenty for the work you do, for money due to you and also if there is any inheritance. 
Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

The year ahead is going to be more successful than the previous ones and there is a lot of that coming. Work, money and position are waiting on the threshold of the new year. There will also be hostilities and emotional turbulence which you will need to watch out for. The Ace of Pentacles brings with it new pathways to work and interesting projects with a lot of financial blessings; the Seven of Wands indicates many stressful situations that will make you uncomfortable and uneasy. You could be at odds with those close to you and you will most likely find shifting loyalties and equations. All of this goes to make you a stronger person so let that be. The Queen of Wands shows that you desire new directions and want to change the course of your life. Allow life to go like a river — tossing and turning with its own flow. 
Cancer (21 June – 23 July)

Travel, piquant situations and lots of new additions to your life — all of these will be the hallmark of 2020. It is a year when work will take you further from the shores of where you live; it will bring in lots of travel-based activities and places to visit; it will also show paths to new ventures based on collaborations and associations. That is indicated by the Three of Wands. The Hanged Man shows that while all this is there situations can present tricky outcomes. Its there and yet not there — a feeling of incompleteness despite all the activities of the movement. The Sun card shows that how much the complications are things would finally end well. And this could relate to all aspects of life. Mostly, it is about new additions to the family — a child, a partner or even a pet. 
Leo (23 July – 23 August)

A far better year than the one gone by, 2020 will bring Leos a lot of attention and limelight. It is also going to be a highly emotional year with happiness and sadness alternating. More of happiness than the latter so you can look forward to good times. All the three cards drawn are to do with feelings and emotions – the Six of Cups, the Seven of Cups and the Two of Cups. So imagine the spectrum of all the shades of emotions? You could be undergoing all of that and more. And it is not a bad thing. This means you are alive to the possibilities of every aspect of life in its fullness. Because all three cards are to do with the water element ensure that you check out bloating, obesity and water retention. Check out kidneys if a diabetic.
Virgo (23 August –  23 September)

Most Virgos can look forward to a rather splendid 2020. Your home life, your offsprings’ lives (if any) and that of your work! Three major aspects of life will be good, and you can look forward to happier times now. The Four of Wands as with the Two of Wands indicate harmony in the home and work front. This does not mean that there won’t be challenging situations - there will be but a lot of it will be covered by the presence of happy energies that will abound at home and at the workplace. Those around you will also benefit from the happy times to carry over to their lives in a circle of goodness and steadiness in life. The Ten of Cups shows that happiness will beget happiness and there is very little that will put you back on this trend. There is also travel indicated and a lot of it will be solo 
Libra (23 September –  23 October)

Financial rewards, happy family circumstances and plans for investing all that money you will make will be the top agenda for 2020. The Seven of Pentacles along with the Nine of Cups shows that finances and feeling good about yourself are linked. A lot of good work will come your way paving the way for financial security. The Four of Pentacles shows that when it comes to spending you will think twice and be careful of whom you trust and will employ to help you park the money you make. Investments and other saving methods will take up some time and this is something you will also enjoy doing. The Four of Pentacles also shows some element of fear and distrust about people — allow this to take a backseat. 
Scorpio (23 October –  22 November)

Now that the high of the past year is gone, you are going to feel a vacuum. Life will be the way it is and having unrealistic goals and ambitions will do you more harm than good, because 2020 looks like a quieter year with the accent on giving than taking. The Seven of Cups shows that a lot has already been given to you but if you expect more then there is going to be a disappointment. The Six of Pentacles indicates a year of giving back – funds, services, teachings and any other wisdom you have gathered over the years. You have enough so don’t feel that you need to have more to be happy. The Five of Pentacles shows that there will be many occasions when you will feel that way.
Sagittarius (22 November – 22 December)

Most Sagittarians will work to fulfill the dreams of the elders they hold in great respect. In fact, that will be the major aspect in the coming year - bettering goals, improving gains and generally, working towards the aspirations they held dear. That is what the King of Wands is trying to say. When it comes to The Magician and the Page of Wands, there are indications that the willingness to fulfill all these aspirations will spill over to your personal life making it harder on yourself. The year will also see the coming together of personal goals and that of the family you are in. This could indicate marriage, collaborations and associations with like-minded people. 
Capricorn (22 December –  20 January)

Challenges will be many in the coming year. The Knight of Swords shows that and you will be okay with that. You will be told to do certain things by those older and more experienced which could make you chaff and be resentful. The King of Cups indicates that there will be some controlling elements which can give you some hard times so you might want to be prepared. That is shown by the appearance of the card, Strength which indicates that you will need to keep your feelings under control and not allow emotions to run high. Try to stay calm and if inclined, take meditation. This could actually burn some karma and will lead you to a path of great understanding and learning about life.
Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Aquarians can look forward to a year of celebrations and conquests. Also, a year where you will be given pride of place almost everywhere you go, and part of these happy events will be because of what you can and have achieved so far. It shows travel and discovering new places and possibly a change of residence which will bring you to happier times. The Three of Cups combined with The Star shows the year will be one of many good things. The Knight of Pentacles indicates a lot of interaction with the younger lot of people in your life and you will derive a lot of joy out of that. There could also be additions to the family and that will result in happy social gatherings and events. By all means a good year ahead.
Pisces (18 February – 20 March)

The heaviness of the year past will continue on to the next one. That said, there will be several opportunities for advancement and growth. The Ten of Wands indicates a tendency to bite off more than you can chew which can lead to frayed tempers, nerves and irritations. The entire year will not be like that. But this is one where there will be a lot of concentration on work and fulfilling goals that will put pressure on you. You will find it tough to say no to work, that will keep coming and you might not even be able to take a break. These are good stresses — if there is anything like that. All you need to do is to do the work without expecting anything. That way, not only will you feel great when the results come in, but also reduce the heaviness.

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