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Tarot- On the cards

This week let us look at the some of the 'switchwords' and what they mean.

Tarot- On the cards
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For instance, 58 RELEASE RESISTANCE ON, means that it helps release blockages, negative energies, evil eye and bad karma effects. Chanting this will help in moving ahead and improves overall growth.

It also helps in depression and to grow very fast in any area of life.

87 RAISE PROFITS — Helps to increase sales and money. It helps to attract more clients and it is a good phrase for shop owners and salespersons. It also helps to increase profits.

AAKASH — Helps one to vibrate at a high level. It is used to increase manifestation and wisdom. It can also be used to get the perfect body and helps in thyroid, salivary and tonsils glands. It can also help in hearing loss and vocal chord issues.

ABALONE — This is used to change the negative to positive. Strengthens the heart chakra and improves physical endurance, intuition and harmonize relationships. It can also help to ease arthritis, joint and muscle disorders.

ABIDE — Increases the power to bear things, patience and tolerance.

ABSOLVE— Helps one to feel free from guilt, blame and responsibility. Helps to forgive the past and the people from the past.

ACT — It helps one to take actions. And increase motivation. It also helps to dispel laziness

ADD — This is a master switchword and it induces more power in everything. It helps to  promote anything.

ADD COUNT MAGIC NOW — Can be used to attract new opportunities and clients for business. It can help to increase more money and wealth.

ADD COUNT TOGETHER — It helps to increase the inner power to attract money wealth and abundance. It also helps to improve harmony between business partners.

Try some of these words in your life -chant them as much as possible with intent and see how they can change situations.


20 March –20 April

The time is really good for relationships for most of those in a committed relationship. The Ace of Pentacle and the Two of Cups indicate fruitful relationships in the areas of love, finance, and work conditions. There is much to look forward to as there are likely to be many openings when it comes to earning and getting more money for the work you do and also when it comes to strengthening the bond between loved ones. The Two of Cups is also a sign that it could be a time when you renew vows made to spouses, partners and other important people in your life. In all the opportunities that are likely to come up watch out for the one which leads to areas that have mountains and heights. The places of the future could be set in beautiful high altitude and you will know that when the call comes 


20 April – 21 May

It is not an easy time for many Taureans given that there is a lot of turbulence and hostility going on within and outside of you. Things are not falling into place as you wish, and you will find yourself at odds with your own feelings and emotions. The Five of Wands shows how much you would like to smoothen things out when it comes to career ambition and fulfillment — but that is not going to happen right now. The card, Temperance shows that you will have to get a good grip over your emotions which will play out like a yo yo — some good days some bad and you will have to have equanimity and tolerance for yourself and for those who surround you. There is no perfect world and it would be good If you didn’t expect it to be so. The fewer expectations you have of others the better for you.


21 May – 21 June

As the Empress card turns up it is an indication of being on top of things that have spun out of control for you in the recent past. This is followed by the card, Death which also means a transformative phase where you will have to get rid of the old for the new and for that you will have to think very differently to make place for these changes that you will finally have control over. Both cards are contradictory as well as complementary because what is change if you feel helpless about it? Here, not only will you be prepared for things to go differently but also be able to deal with it with aplomb making it something of a game to you. It might just turn out to be enjoyable about how you are so astute and smart.


21 June – 23 July

When your thinking is clear and you have your mind’s vision with great clarity there is only a sense of happiness and fulfillment. The Three of Swords indicates a purposeful person while the Nine of Cups shows that because of this you will have things in order and preside over it all in a happy manner. However, ensure that there is no room for overconfidence because it is also likely that the rug could be pulled beneath your feet and then all the clarity will be there but results may not. This indicates a sharpness of words when it comes to dealing with people and that could be a negative. Watch what you say to others especially if they are co-workers or those at home. You need them to be happy and fulfilled too.


23 July –23 August

There is much to feel gratitude given the fact that many openings are on the anvil – this relates to work, personal relationships and making new friends and acquaintances. The Two of Wands shows a lot of fire for new visions and pathways while the Judgement card comes in the wake of the fact that there are choices available to you. For many, these may not even exist. Make the best of this time to analyse and think about what is best for the larger good and then look beyond where you are placed today. Crossing shores is on the cards too and it could be work-related or to explore new places of work and expansion. However, feeling gratitude is important because that will pave the way for many good things to come your way.


23 August – 23 September

Virgos can look forward to a good week with many good things coming along. It could be a wage increase, recognition of talent or merely improving on existing relationships and equations. It also has a lot to do with the male figureheads and their authority which you will actually welcome for their inputs will come handy in looking at your own goals with the right perspective. The Wheel of Fortune ensures that if you have been having a not so good time then there is light at the end of the tunnel. And the Emperor card shows that with the guidance of strong males in your circle you will be pushed to perform better and achieve targets even you thought were not possible.


23 September – 23 October

A great big change is indicated for those born under the sign of Libra and while it could be tumultuous it is for better things ahead. It is largely to do with progress in career, finances and how to make more money. It could be a new job or a new project that will push you into the bigger league. The Tower signifies moving out of your comfort zone and you will have to push the envelope to realize your great potential. The Four of Pentacles indicates some kind of preoccupation with how to invest use and utilize the money you have on hand. You might not be in the mood to discuss this situation with others and you will be inclined to play these very close to your chest and be somewhat close-minded about it.


23 October – 22 November

Plans made earlier and those that require a great deal of success is happening in the coming week. Things that you have been working towards and those that will bring you a fair amount of limelight will show up proving that talent and hard work will bring in the desired results. The Ace of Cups shows you rising above all the hard times and you are now being lifted up for glory and recognition. The Four of Swords brings light to the fact that all the years of plodding and working ceaselessly on achieving your goals are now coming to fruition and realisation. This is also a time to understand the dynamics of time and the way things finally pan out.


22 November –22 December

Both cards, The Lovers as well as the Page of Wands are interrelated this time showing that you are ready for commitment and going further with your idea of what your life partner should be. Or that the one you already have is the right one for you. The Lovers card also indicates the blessings being given for the person you may have in mind or the one you think should be the one you will commit to so you can be happy that you are on the right track. The Page of Wands shows the desire to move forward along with the personal angle and ensure that work gets due importance in the scheme of things and that you would like to ensure a well-rounded approach to life. Do not waste time in deciding what is best for you.


22 December – 20 January

It is time to travel to check out what else life can offer you. Many are the things being offered to you by the Universe- but there is also that action that you will have to take to find more things that will suit you when it comes to work and new directions in life. The Ace of Wands is a sure sign that all your ambitions are on the verge of being realized; while the Knight of Cups indicates a lot of travel to get all these done. It also brings to light that there is a firm grip over your emotions and you are well aware of what a clear mind can do. Right now, the overriding thing in your mind is work and success — and there are very few obstacles on your path.


20 January –18 February

In the midst of plenty, you are likely to feel alone and isolated. The Five of Cups suggests that despite having a lot going on in your life you are feeling a bit alone through events and occasions. It is not possible for others to know what you are going through unless you let them know how you feel. But the predominant mood will be to keep things to yourself and stew a bit in your own thoughts. The Seven of Cups is what shows how unrealistic expectations can bring you to this point and you would do well not to indulge in anything that revolves around people and what they ought to do for you and ought to understand your plight. They can’t do much unless you tell them and ask of them reasonably to alleviate your sense of alienation.


18 February –20 March

When you should be feeling on top of the world, you are tying yourself up in knots and restricting yourself in understanding your true power. The Queen of Pentacles shows someone who is on top of everything and also has command over financial matters. She is also someone who sits regally over everything and ensuring that only the best is there. But the Eight of Wands shows that you are blinded with doubts and frustration of your own making and are unable to see your potential. So it is in your hands to break out of this mindset and ensure that you take back your power and achieve what you are meant to. It is not that difficult because the limitations are in your mind and you need to see how much you value yourself and then raise your self-esteem to match the frequency of positivity.

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