All healing powers exist within you

Anyone can increase the life span by using medicine, but no one can increase health span without discipline.
All healing powers exist within you


The quality of your life is decided not by your life span but by your health span.

In today’s world, health is undoubtedly the most common Issue for entire humanity but in reality, it may sound shocking that health is actually not a big issue!

Human suffers from only three kinds of health issues: Disease that is passed on genetically, disease due to lifestyle and thirdly, disease and disorders due to environmental conditions. Come what may, when we have the Life Energy (Pranan) to fight the invading virus or any negative energy - which is the fundamental cause for any disease - there is nothing to worry.

For example, the same common cold virus is an issue for a person with low immunity but for another person it’s a not an issue at all, and during winter we can find this very evident as some may be suffering from cold, cough and fever while others really enjoy the weather. So, it’s not the problem with the season, but the problem of one’s own immunity to fight against the diseases and disorders.


I would like to narrate a recent incident which happened during a spiritual discourse. I happened to ask a biker about the relationship with his bike. He was proudly saying that the bike was not just a machine; it was more of a life partner for him. It was his best friend for life and that he must ensure that it’s kept clean. He was confident while saying that he should know the basic mechanics of machines so that he can take care of his vehicle because it helps him travel places. Therefore, he cleaned it daily and kept it in good running condition. He also said that off late he was not able to travel much. During the conversation, he revealed about an ailment in his intestine and some side effects of heavy smoking. He had realised that the bike is essential for him to travel places and so he made sure to keep it in good running condition, but he wasn’t aware that his body is the only thing that helps him to travel not only in the physical level but also on the nonphysical level (under the right conditions). The bike is in perfect condition, but the body is not, because of which he is unable to travel places. Knowledge about external things is least important. Having a healthy body is more essential. Good health is the only thing which will help us rise from the present level to the next level.


We have the honour and pride of belonging to the land whose scriptures advocate ‘health is wealth’. Not with knowledge, but with health can existing wealth be enjoyed and enhanced.

Today, the effort to recover from a sickness or illness is seen as the effort to be healthy. But no sooner is a disease diagnosed and treated, when another is discovered. According to research, more people die of ADR or Adverse Drug Reaction than the disease itself. It is a proven fact that no medicine exists without a side effect or an ill effect and therefore medical care can never be the right approach towards real health.

Always remember this ultimate truth about human health, no matter how low one’s immunity is, no matter what disease or disorder one is suffering from, everybody is gifted with the power to raise their immunity to the next level and maintain good health forever!


When it comes to health, the unfailing formula to sustain good health forever is not just about reading or knowing, but to adhere to strict discipline and the commitment to practice. Nitya Karma is one’s highest duty - one has to do it as the first and foremost essential duty every day without fail, in which health is the highest.

As always Vedas insist “Heaven on earth is possible only with good health” and without good health, one has to go through hell of an experience even in a heavenly atmosphere.

It is never too late! Life is a one-time gift, gift yourself good health to gift yourself a new life... a new beginning!

Wishing you a life full of peace, success and abundance.

Atmayogi Shri AasaanjiAham Brahmasmi ! 
Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji is a non-religious, contemporary Spiritual Master and the founder of the Atmayoga Foundation (Institute for Inner-Science and Self-Transformation)

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